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Matt Quinn

6 months ago

We were very impressed by the Eagle. We drive by it all the time but forget its there. We wont make that mistake again. The staff did an excellent job from the host to the manager. Our Waiter (Sam) was 5/5 as was the manager (forgot name). The food was top notch. The worst thing we tried was the Mac & cheese and it was still excellent. We will 100% be returning. Kale Salad: 5/5 Spoonbread: 5/5 Spicy Chicken dip: 4.7/5 Shrimp & Grits: 4.6/5 Mac & Cheese: 4/5


Tanika D.

a year ago

I ordered the 1/4 white, mac & cheese and fries. The fried chicken was seasoned and juicy and then you add the spicy honey, just wow. This is now in my top 3 for fried. Chicken. My guy order the same but with kale salad and sweet potato crock. The kale salad was so good and them croutons. They have a great thing going.


Terri Potts

8 months ago

My family visited the Charlotte location on a Saturday. Construction in front of the restaurant is horrible so the traffic was backed up and we had to make a U-turn at the light. The hubs had a called a few days before to make a reservation which was a great idea as there was a waiting line when we arrived. We were seated right away. Just as with any restaurant since the pandemic, service was slow. The food menu is very limited as the drink menu offers more variety. I understand this is a Beer hall but at least offer soda. Outside of beer, wine, & mixed drinks, there was only lemonade and tea. The hubs and I ordered the shrimp and grits to share as an appetizer and the dish did not disappoint! My son and hubby both ordered chicken sandwiches which they both loved. The fries werent anything to write home about though. I ordered Mac and cheese and 1/4 white chicken which I wasnt a fan of. Heads up, the entire menu is a la Carte. I must have read the menu wrong as everything was spicy, even the honey that came with the chicken. Biscuits were ordered for the table as well and again nothing to write home about. They were hard and flavorless. The atmosphere however is great! We may have visited at the wrong time, but 1 visit was enough for me!


Cherrelle Crawford

10 months ago

We came here for dinner on a weekend and surprisingly they werent busy at all. We came in from the parking deck they have two entrances. We waited for a few minutes and the hostess wasnt very friendly so i almost gave a 4 star but our bartender/waiter was awesome. Customer service is everything to me. Im writing this review kinda late I wish I remembered his name. He gave us great drinks and made sure we had everything we needed. The manager came out to help us with online paying. An app called inKind you can purchase an amount in advance to pay for your order and we got a discount our first time. The manager also told us about their sister property which we will go to soon. The food was fresh, flavorful and delicious. I am looking forward to our next visit


Mike Hartman

10 months ago

Loved it! The food was excellent and the drink menu looked decent as well. I had their chicken sandwich with slaw and it was fantastic. The sides are a bit pricey but we found the mashed potatoes to be worth it. I also had their drink special which was a cheap beer in a fancy glass (and it was cheap).

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