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Julie Stevens

10 months ago

What a cool place!! Large area with lots of seats and lots of options. Lots of local snacks, coffee, even lunch! Great spot to come with friends for a beer and a fantastic wine selection! They also have wifi and a parking garage close by. I'll definitely be back!


Jeff Kelley

6 months ago

Are you open? Are you closed? The website address on Google maps is incorrect - error message when I click on it. Also, it says you are open but nobody is picking up the phone when I call to confirm you are open. If not, update your hours on google maps. That is how customers can save time making a trip when you are closed. I thought you guys were more viable than this. Kind of a mess.


James J Webster

8 months ago

What doesn't this place offer? From coffee and cocktails to deli food and baked goods, it seriously has it all. It seems very focused on using as many local goods as possible. I loved that they use Birch teas! This is a really good space for getting some work done, there are so many outlets! It's also a great place to bring some friends and pick a game from their board game shelf. I look forward to coming again and trying the food and maybe a cocktail. This really is a very cool space and I definitely will come back!


Jacqueline Telljohann

2 years ago

What a cool concept. I love what they have going on here. It's nice to see more urban markets popping up around Charlotte. I came here for lunch one day. I wanted to get the That's Balogna Grilled Cheese, but they took it off the menu and hasn't updated it. They serve breakfast all day, so I ended up getting breakfast country sausage grilled cheese. It was pretty good. They have a decent amount of seating. Along with the restaurant portion, they have more grocery items, a bar, ice cream, and a bottle section. There are board games too! I do wish their menu were a bit more expansive, but all in all, this is a good place to hang out. You can get a little bit of everything all at the same place.


Burt Baskett

10 months ago

I was impressed with the space. It's basically a deli. The service was good. The food was good (I ordered over easy eggs that came out over hard; but they still tasted great). The biscuits were fresh and fluffy. The choice of sausage was nice. They have a herbed gravy very similar to another eatery on Central Ave and it was good, but quite pricey as a side ($3 for a side of gravy was a bit much). Overall the experience was positive, and I will be trying them again.