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Courtney Hickman

2 weeks ago

A small family home style cooking place that was so delicious. I can't believe anyone would give this place anything but a 5 star. I only review the business I love no need to put anymore negativity out in the world. So You will only see 5 stars reviews from me. My time is more valuable and precious than that. Plus who wants everyone knowing their unhappy business.


Mackenzie J. Alston

a month ago

The southern chili is great! I could easily picture myself eating it weekly in the winter. My only complaint is that the cornbread may be the worst I've ever ordered. If you like somewhat sweet and somewhat moist cornbread and/or if you enjoy Jiffy Mix, this is not the cornbread for you. If you order the chili, I suggest you swap the cornbread for something else. 4.5 stars


Luther Braswell

a month ago

Not been to Lupie's in a long time. I was a little disappointed in my hamburger today. Had the chili burger, the hamburger was dry and the chili needed some flavor. With that said any time I was there and had the chicken and dumplings they were awesome. I will be again for them.


Gladys Rosario

a year ago

Food is awesome. Friendly staff, atmosphere great


vince feliciano

3 weeks ago

I owe an apology to Lupie's. Ten years ago when we first moved to Charlotte, I passed this place a couple times, each time saying one day I'm going to try that place. But time went on and on and I never found my way back. So here we are, in a pandemic, everything getting locked down, again, and I thought, let's go try Lupie's... Sounds logical right? So no one there but my wife and I and the staff, and we ordered their baked, not fried, teriyaki wings, (really good) and their chili mac with spaghetti and my wife had a burger with cheese on onion bread, and that sandwich was delicious. The service was great and highly accommodating, even giving us 4 samples of their different types of chili so we could decide which to order. He didn't bat an eye at my request. This is a really cool and different kind of place. I wish I'd come sooner and again I have to apologize to them. P.s. - don't ask them to change the music they have on the speakers, they won't and they shouldn't change it... It's part of the experience and it's perfect.

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