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Grinning Crow

in the last week

Been here twice, both times to see the Better Daze Duo. Sat on the outside patio on a warm December evening. It wasnt very busy inside and there were a few tables with larger groups of people sitting outside listening to the music and dancing. The patio had 2 small fire pits and other than that, the music is what kept us there. I saw the Better Daze Duo was playing there again so I brought 4 friends along to give this place another shot. The musicians were set up in the bar area this time. A party of 10-12 ladies were celebrating a birthday, there were 3 other tables with people and a few sitting at the bar. We each ordered dinner and had great seats to see the band and watch the Birthday girls dancing, requesting songs and having fun. About 1 1/2 hours into it, the girls requested an 80s hard rock song. At the end of the song, the manager (or possibly the owner) leaned over the drummer/singer, Jack Fontana, yelling that they need to turn the music down or they could leave right now. We all looked at each other in disbelief. A friend told the manager we brought people here to see them play, plus the only liveliness to this place was the girls dancing. Better Daze respectfully obliged and turned their sound down. What a downward change in atmosphere and this place needs every bit of liveliness it can get. The birthday ladies danced a few more songs but you could feel the energy was lost. As for our dinners, 3 of us had seafood, one had a burger and another a salad. I asked my friends for their food review. The spring salad was good but nothing stood out. The burger was a bit rare to anothers liking but he ate it. The eggplant seafood was good and probably the best of the orders. The calamari order was not cooked enough and had to be sent back. My overall review is that Im glad to have given this place a second try since I wasnt impressed with the first visit. The second time, with seeing how the manager behaved, confirmed why this place doesnt draw people in. If you want to have a fun evening out, this isnt the place to bring your friends. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit alone or have a professional business meeting, youd fit in better here. This place may as well go back to be a dying club. The 5 of us will not go back unless music is allowed to be played as intended. A pianist and a harp may be all this manager wants. Choose a different place for dinner and atmosphere!


Bob Lynn

3 months ago

Long menu. Exceptional wait staff. Quiet dining room. Delicious entrees. Venue made for a cozy 70th birthday celebration.


Fostering the Family

5 months ago

Each time we have an event- Shore Club blows us away with the graciousness and hospitality extended. They are easy to work with, thorough and have a genuine disposition to make the customers experience an event to remember. Thank you Shore Club for making our event a success!


Alexis Thompson-Klemish

a week ago

What in the world is this restaurant?! Its more like a dysfunctional group of employees in a restaurant setting that cant do anything but stir in their chaos. 1. 2 hr wait for sushi?! Ill pass. 2. We waited for over 20 mins before someone came over to offer us drinks. 3. The food was meek. My hubby told me hes had better food out of the freezer section at Harris Teeter. I couldnt help but laugh and agree. 4. Our waitress was bringing food to the back, while other waitresses were helping make plates. Maybe if they didnt have to cook they could refill our drinks or have the chance to ask hey hows the apps? They probably know they are terrible so they dont even bother asking. 5. Management looked just as confused and not ready for customers to walk thru the door. They finally stepped up and in to help. I was about to offer him a coffee to get going! 6. The waitress was rude, rolled her eyes and was in a hurry the entire time. 7. The dinners were worse than the appetizers. Run. Dont walk. This place is a good example of what happens when there is lack of training / preparation / and communication. Bless their hearts.


Julie Helms

4 months ago

Absolute lovely place to dine. Went in on a whim on a Tuesday. Before you walk through the dining area, the aroma was divided. Service was excellent. Bar was reasonable with varied list of wines, beers on draft and mixed drinks. Got the special and it was amazing. Looking forward to going again.

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