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nick goheen

3 months ago

Great place to sit and have a coffee or beer in peace. Wonderful atmosphere and plenty of space to relax and get work done. Tables, bars, and lounge areas with low ambient lighting. Great variety of coffee blends. Limited snack/pastries. Rotating art gallery keeps the environment interesting to look at while enjoy your beverages.


Sean Gray

3 weeks ago

Love it!! Was looking for a chill spot to work and drink coffee. So far, this is the best I've found in the area! Plenty of space, chill variety of music, friendly barista. Great place to grind out the work week afternoon. Plus they serve beers! It's kind of a hybrid as you'll have some people grinding on their laptops and there'll be people enjoying a beer and socializing. Unique dynamic!! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!


Jonathan Mustich

a month ago

Great place in NODA, we recently moved here and found this gem. The owner is incredibly knowledgable and is hands on with her sourcing of coffee. Great relaxing space to enjoy a drink and get some work done as well if you need to. I'm looking forward to spending a few mornings here while we set up our lives in Charlotte.


Michael Crenshaw

5 months ago

Beautiful, spacious atmosphere that can accommodate anyone from the college student working on homework for a couple hours to the large group just looking for a quick perk while on a day out. My complaint is about the service. I went about 3min at the order station virtually unacknowledged while the barista worked on another drink or two. I was the only person in line, and it wasn't busy. It would not have been difficult to write my order down and let me take a seat. Or at least to say, "Just a moment." I simply left and went to Smelly Cat across the street. Maybe it's a southern thing... I just prefer to visit places where employees seem happy to see their customers. If you'd read this far, I'd highly recommend you try this coffee shop. I probably just caught someone on a bad day. But if you have a bad experience, Smelly Cat is a fine alternative.


Shannon Beamon

a month ago

Wonderful chill atmosphere with an impressive variety of unique foods and drinks. Got the chai latte -- great mellow taste with a cinnamon-forward spice blend.


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