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Hakeem Kitchen

3 months ago

Stopped through while waiting on my delayed flight and the fellas behind the bar here are great. Even with a packed counter they still found a way to interact with everyone and provide you with a joyful experience. The drinks were good and pizza was great(even though I had to run and finish the rest on my flight).


Jeremy Letona

4 months ago

The bartender named Raphael was serving us tonight and he was terrible. We watched him mess up orders, tell people he didnt have any drinks left and raise his voice at other customers. when we ordered some drinks he made them horribly. We politely informed him that we did not like they way they tasted and he proceeded to tell us that we did not know what a drink was supposed to taste like and said that we should find some better vodka next time.


Brad Roe

9 months ago

Great local beers and good service. This is a great place to hang outworth the walk from the other concourses.


Carolyn Hunter

2 years ago

Was there a week ago flying home. It said seat yourself so I did. Sat, for about 8 min then got up and went to the bar and asked for a beer. Drank the beer and there was little to no interaction from the waitresses. Then had to get up and ask for another one. After 5 min I noticed she had sat my beer on the bar for ME to serve myself. Seriously? I was never "waited on". I basically did it myself. Had to get up and ask for my check which she forgot and I had to get up and ask AGAIN. Maybe If I had been a man and sat at the bar I would have gotten better service. Maybe being a white female wearing an american flag shirt struck a nerve with the girls behind the bar. Either way, if I could give a 0 I would.Only reason I tipped was because I also work in the industry. If I ever treated someone like that I would be fired. I would not waste my money


Kate Gou

a year ago

So glad finding this pub in the terminal. A bit pricy as expected in the airport, but good draft from a local brewery, definitely visit if you have to wait an hour for your flight

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