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Brendan Schamu

in the last week

There are multiple Whit's locations, but this review is specifically for the Davidson one (although I am biased, as a Davidson College graduate). First of all, wish this was here when I was a student!! Second, this Whit's has such a home-y feel, in a little section of town with old brick buildings. I don't know what the building was before, but I can tell it has some history, which makes it so cozy and cute. Not a ton of space to sit inside, so many people take their custards outdoors to the benches. I love to carefully drive it back to the Davidson campus and eat it by Phi hall (built in 1850!), near Chambers, the main academic building. Regardless of where you eat it, though, it beats any of the other frozen custard shops in the area. So smooth and flavorful, with delicious topping options. Always friendly employees. Hardly any wait for the custard to come out. Note: Portions are large! A small feels like a large! I often opt for a mini or a KIDS SIZE, and it is perfect.


Monique Freeman

a week ago

I came to get ice cream and the employee was so nice and recommend which quart of ice cream to get! Definitely recommend it is so worth it. Super good deal for. 7.00 quart vs Ben and Jerrys. Definitely will come back if Im ever in the area. Thank you! The almond joy ice cream is delicious


Becky Garrison

3 weeks ago

We stopped in for custard and the man that walked in before us didnt have his mask on yet. An employee promptly asked him if he had a mask which he did and he put on. Same employee while making our custard adjusted her mask every 30 seconds, touched her hair and pushed the custard down in the cup with the same glove that she just adjusted her mask and touched her hair. How is this sanitary at all?


Miller Belitz

2 weeks ago

Whits frozen custard is the best! They have delicious tasting frozen custard (better than ice cream.) Everyone there is polite and they are quick.


Risa B

4 months ago

Delicious! I take my tiny dogs in on occasion just to get pet by the kids! I def recommend the chocolate custard. Owner and staff and super friendly. Just an overall, feel-good place.