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Karen Alaniz

3 months ago

I totally love this place when visiting in town. Fresh line order Greek food. The parking isn't great, very tight and hard to find a spot most of the time but otherwise the actual restaurant is amazing. Outer patio seating, inside is spacious with plenty of seating too. To order you start with style rice, then choose add ons like vegetables, hummus, etc. Everything is clearly made fresh. You add on proteins, choose sauces. It's all so delish looking! Bowl is a disposable earth friendly and there's a sign theysource with a local farm for good for you chicken! There's some specialty drinks or you can add on a soda fountain drink. For one person It's a little pricey, $21 for one person. There's add ons that can run your price up really quick! Staff are professional, kind, and very helpful. Check out gal was sweet. If dining in: your food goes on a tray, you take food to table, eat and bus your own food to counter where you put trash tray and silverware. Can't wait to go back again!


Oni Clique

6 months ago

Ran into this restaurant while visiting Charlotte for a sneaker convention. My sister wanted some Mediterranean for lunch and we happened upon YAFO. The interior is spacious and welcoming with its modern design elements. You're met with a bar line of choices from the menu ranging from a variety of meats, veggies and sauces all of it just bombarding the senses. My sister went with the spicy chicken sandwich with a side of fries to play on the safe side [also she was craving hard that day] I on the other had could not make up my mind. So being me I wanted a little of everything but knew I couldn't do that asked the girl behind the glass any suggestions. And all of them were good and looked good. But to her surprise I asked "make me something you would make for yourself." And that is what you see in my picture. Kale, chicken, rice pilaf, noodle salad. She poured it on like she was about to go on break and devour this plate. Everything was fresh from the first bite to the last. I barely was able to finish my meal but it was just too good to not clean the plate. A wash with Pabst and I can definitely say Yafo is a good place to get yourself a good plate. Try what I did and you might be surprised at what they cook up to serve you.


Jacqueline Telljohann

a year ago

I have loved Yafo since it first opened in Charlotte, but it continues to get better over time. It started out as just the BYO bowl concept, but Shai has really expanded the menu recently and I love it. This location tends to be where they experiment with new things first. His most recent addition is weekend brunch. We got to try it at an Unpretentious Palate even yesterday and we loved it. It's weekends from 11-1 for the next 4 weeks only at this location. They may do it again in May at East Blvd. For brunch you get 8 mezze, yogurt, and bread to share between two people. Then you pick an entree to share. It's $40 for two people and we were full after. You can also add on mimosas for $10. The mezze were my favorite part. I loved the variety and uniqueness of them. We went with the Shakshuka which was delicious. As for more bread if you run out. My husband is dying to try the french toast casserole, so I'm guessing we'll be back.


Lanita Wilks

9 months ago

I always have a great customer service experience and my food is always great here, but today I met Vick (Vicki) and he made me feel extra special! Very positive and just a sweet, kind soul! My food was also excellent! Love this location in Plaza Midwood!


Bethany Elai.

a year ago

The flavors and teas were very healing. I needed to heal from all of the stresses life gives you. You can pick the blandest proteins to the spiciest Israelie meats and soups. They have the complete soda bar along with tea mixtures that you wouldn't think of, but you'll flip over. Definitely a good choice for healing. Food delivered fast. Yummy!

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