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S Slaton

7 months ago

Wow! This place is spectacular and gorgeous. This was the last stop on our tour. This was more on the fancy end of the scale and truly beautiful. The outside seating is awesome! Talk about a view..they have it here overlooking the valley. We enjoyed it so much. I loved the wine carriers for the tastings, I have never seen those before. The wine was great and we loved our visit!


Jenn Jamal Eddine

a month ago

I'm a local wedding photographer (Jenn Eddine Photography) and I'm here to tell you, if you want the most beautiful ceremony location in the area, this is the venue to book. Not only is a ceremony overlooking the vineyards with the mountains in the background absolute perfection, but the tent is a lovely space for your reception. The getting ready area for the bride is perfectly spacious, so you have plenty of room for you and your girls to get ready. It's truly a gorgeous place! I highly recommend it! One of my new favorite North Carolina venues for sure.


Linda Topping

6 months ago

My two friends and I visited Raffaldini Vineyards for the first time and loved it! Jordan Church was helpful in setting up our visit. The wines were excellent and the views were gorgeous! The only food available were prepackaged deli selections to pair with the wine. There was a food truck in the parking lot which was good. The piazza is sheltered but there were no fans set up so it became quite warm; too warm to linger over more wine. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and left with bottles of wine. We do plan to return in the fall to enjoy cooler temps and linger over bottles of wine.


Matt Kruskie

5 months ago

Great experience, fantastic wines, best setting / scenery in the valley. Grounds are meticulously kept on your way in from the parking lot, relaxing you before you get in the front door. Italian-style villa is absolutely beautiful- makes you feel like you are in the Italian countryside. Staff was accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable about their wines, which were all delicious! Major kudos for the No under 21 policy. We have had more than a few visits to similar establishments tainted or ruined by parent-less children. (Babysitters gotta eat too!:)


Shari Garcia Lira

6 months ago

Great indoor/outdoor experience overall. EXCEPT for the service... We were a group of 8 doing the wine tasting experience which we all loved and enjoyed so much that most of us ended up buying full bottles of wine. After sampling the wine and purchasing some bottles we sat on a table outside to chat and drink. Our server -Steve- was just awfully rude to us since the begging. We asked for a couple of glasses to drink the wine that we just bought inside and for some reason he seemed to be annoyed by it. He rudely corrected one of us when we asked for a cup for the wine saying "we don't have cups, we have glasses" we all kinda laughed it off even tho it was kinda snobby and in a rude tone. After that comment he took forever to bring 2 "glasses" for the wine, even though he came back to the table a couple of times after. We had to remind him to please bring the glasses and when he finally did he didn't acknowledge us and proceeded to ignore us for the rest of the service. His attitude ruined the ambience for the table and we all felt uncomfortable. Overall he made us feel uncomfortable and pressured to immeditely buy more wine even tho we just had bought full bottles inside a few minutes prior and we hadn't even started drinking them yet. He was so unwelcoming that we all just finished our drinks and left. The worst way to end the night. Besides the rude server STEVE the experience was great! I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful this winery is!!! Great mountain views and tasteful decor. The inside is nice and clean, the outside is a beautiful landscape with rose bushes, statues and a fish pond or two. The wine tasting experience was absolutely delicious, great ambience and a very knowledgeable tour guide. The winery does not have a restaurant but there was a lobster food truck on site. The food wasn't groundbreaking but it was good. There is plenty of grass and shade to lay a blanket and have a picnic on, as well as benches and picnic tables.

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