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Angela Price

a month ago

I love the salads and sandwiches at Reid's South Park. Ms. K made my salad the last two times I visited, and she is so nice. The salads are sold by the pound and they're made to order. I can literally tell Ms. K how many grape tomatoes I would like in my salad (3 or 4), and she opens her hand to show me that's how many she put in there. The sandwiches are delicious too. They have hot or cold sandwiches. My husband likes the Cuban sandwich and it is served hot. There is outdoor seating, so we've been able to enjoy that as well. I highly recommend Reid's Fine Foods.



a month ago

TL: DR Overpriced food. Bad service. The grocery store is pretty nice, but remember that you're paying a premium because you're at South Park. Really do enjoy going to this grocery store, but there are so many other places that do it better. The problem is is that the food warrants the location but not the actual price. It's cooked properly but the ingredients aren't exactly any better than anywhere else will find. A few times I've been here, The meat is cooked properly, but everything else was no better or less than you can expect at any chance. I don't think I've ever had a properly cooked french fry, they're almost always chewy and old. But the main problem is that they do not have a kitchen that's nearly robust enough for the amount of tables that they try to serve. If they're at half capacity or higher you're going to be waiting ages for service, and longer for orders. Which, under normal circumstances would probably be fine, but they do not communicate this with you and your server will never be seen other than to come grab your order and bring stuff out. I have waited over half an hour after finishing a beer, wondering if my server will come back to refill water or get another drink for me. I don't have a problem with slow service as long as it's communicated before I sit down so I have the option of saying maybe not today. But I won't be back. I'm tired of dealing with this places inability to communicate.



3 months ago

Love Reids! I just wish theyd offer more organic options (reflected in the 4 stars vs. 5). Im the daughter and granddaughter of grocers from Detroit. Grew up in the business. I really like the old fashioned stores. We werent too hungry so we had our usual roast beef sandwich but we asked them to do it like a panini. It was delicious! I think well have a drink the next time we visit South Park Mall. Stop by Reids, take it slow. Enjoy!


Lisa Cannada

2 months ago

I stood in line so I can get a salad. There was no one in front of me there was a lady next to me and getting prepared foods. Workers were milling about. No one acknowledged me. I waited over four minutes without being acknowledged or even asked what I wanted. And now when I went to the checkout to tell them that I was going to leave because no one was waiting on me the two people at the check out were on their cell phones. I left to go get my dinner someplace else that wanted my business versus a place that doesnt care about business. I come here regularly fir work and I do like getting a salad from here for my dinner one of the nights Im working. Guess Ill find someplace else


Lorraine Harris

8 months ago

Great service, and good food. Will try the restaurant again. Definitely want to visit the store, and really look around.

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