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Leesah M. Connor

9 months ago

I recently had a medical procedure and Ive been feeling kind of blah, so a friend recommended an IV drip. I called Hydrate IV yesterday morning and they were able to get me in that afternoon. The location was not hard to find as its located off of East Blvd, centrally located to downtown. Upon entering, I was not aware that I had to go up a flight of stairs- I did not notice any type of elevators as this location is in an old home that was remodeled into a commercial space (lots of charm); however seeing as I just had surgery, that wouldve been good to know. Nevertheless, I made it upstairs and I was pleasantly greeted. We discussed packages, I was offered a drink and a light snack and shown to the room posted in the photos for my treatment. The nurse was very nice and accommodating. I was able to receive my drip- left alone to enjoy calming music and to catch up on emails without any interruption. The place is decorated in such a way that makes it soothing and relaxing. The drips are reasonably priced and I think I would visit again! If youre feeling sluggish, dehydrated, need an immune boost, check out Hydrate Medical in Charlotte (they have multiple locations).


Catalyze Performance

a year ago

Hydrate Medical was simply amazing! The staff was welcoming and professional, and gave us 5 star service. The facility was clean and modern, and we were able to lounge and relax while getting our IV drip. I had the Athlete drip, which helped me to feel more hydrated, energized, and ready for my week of training. I would highly recommend Hydrate to anybody looking to take care of their health and wellness! -Ryan Cullen, Catalyze Performance


Carolyn Duhon

a month ago

Ive always had a great experience with Hydrate Medical. Ive had five or so IVs at the Raleigh location so far. The staff is friendly and professional. The actual facility is clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. The pricing is competitive as well - there are different options for drips and medications (nausea, inflammation etc). The membership packages are well priced. I havent found anything cheaper when it comes to bang for your buck in this area. Scheduling is easy - you can do it online. I usually just call in to schedule. Theyre good about answering the phone and getting back to you. They also have refreshments etc which is a nice lil perk.


LaToya Donaldson

6 months ago

My husband and I drive from Kings Mountain to Charlotte to get our hydration services. I always request Ashley because I am a hard stick and I put my trust in her. She never disappoints she gets me every time. Shes AMAZING!! Everyone at that site is wonderful, very friendly. Facility is always clean and well decorated. I highly recommend it!!


Chloe Hawk

2 months ago

Went for my first time in February, and just signed up for a monthly membership yesterday. I feel amazing after every treatment, and the staff goes above and beyond to make you feel at home. It is a great way to take care of yourself and stay hydrated, highly recommend!

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