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Leesah M. Connor

3 months ago

I recently had a medical procedure and Ive been feeling kind of blah, so a friend recommended an IV drip. I called Hydrate IV yesterday morning and they were able to get me in that afternoon. The location was not hard to find as its located off of East Blvd, centrally located to downtown. Upon entering, I was not aware that I had to go up a flight of stairs- I did not notice any type of elevators as this location is in an old home that was remodeled into a commercial space (lots of charm); however seeing as I just had surgery, that wouldve been good to know. Nevertheless, I made it upstairs and I was pleasantly greeted. We discussed packages, I was offered a drink and a light snack and shown to the room posted in the photos for my treatment. The nurse was very nice and accommodating. I was able to receive my drip- left alone to enjoy calming music and to catch up on emails without any interruption. The place is decorated in such a way that makes it soothing and relaxing. The drips are reasonably priced and I think I would visit again! If youre feeling sluggish, dehydrated, need an immune boost, check out Hydrate Medical in Charlotte (they have multiple locations).


Catalyze Performance

a year ago

Hydrate Medical was simply amazing! The staff was welcoming and professional, and gave us 5 star service. The facility was clean and modern, and we were able to lounge and relax while getting our IV drip. I had the Athlete drip, which helped me to feel more hydrated, energized, and ready for my week of training. I would highly recommend Hydrate to anybody looking to take care of their health and wellness! -Ryan Cullen, Catalyze Performance


Chelsi Jolly

5 months ago

I was sick for a few days before braving Hydrate Medical and my only regret is not going sooner. Its only been a few hours so Im not 100% yet, but I feel so much better. The nurses are very sweet and welcoming, and the atmosphere was calming and quiet. I genuinely hate needles but the IV was nearly painless. I wouldnt hesitate to return in the future.


Sami Shillingburg

3 months ago

I cant say enough great things about the staff here! I came in severely dehydrated and they were so accommodating and immediately jumped to action making sure I was comfortable and constantly checking to ensure I was feeling better. The office is gorgeous with so many different rooms and seating options but the staff truly shines here! Thank you all!


Lulu Liuz

2 weeks ago

Absolutely thankful for this place. I was traveling and just could not get the hydration that I needed. I was feeling sluggish. I found this place and went in for a vitamin and hydration infusion. I felt instantly better, even though they say it may take 24 hrs for the vitamins to kick in but I felt better instantly. Love this place!!!!!

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