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****Country Boys Outdoors ****

3 weeks ago

Very good and very fresh. For a design your own donut@ and specialty donut, the prices are also good. The cashier was very helpful and patient with us as we had never been. It was really cool to see all of the concoctions you can come up with on your own order sheet to have made. It is also to cool to watch them make your order from batter to toppings, boxed and ready to go as they call your ticket number. It was awesome to watch that. They also have coffee, drinks, and water (free) for you to drink.


Laura Santiago

a week ago

I'm going to give this a 4 star because I have not been here so I have no idea what the CS is like but...I can tell when something is very processed. I get a bad headache and a gross tingling on my tongue. My co-worker brought a variety of these donuts to work. I didn't get a sugar high, no tingling, no headache. No nothing. They were super old school soft and fresh as fresh as they could be. This is the kind of box you buy for yourself and do not tell anyone about it. Not for shame but because you don't want to share, lol! Can't wait to visit with my family this week!


Shani Clyburn

in the last week

The best donuts I've ever had thus far. The donut itself is very fluffy. Not heavy at all! After eating one, I immediately craved another one! I gave it 4 stars because of the customer service. This was my first time here so I had a few (three to be exact) questions. I can tell I annoyed her and said nothing when she rolled her eyes but I was very happy with the taste and flavor options.


Roni Faida Clark

in the last week

I would drive an hour to get these donuts. They are sinfully scrumptious and best eaten hot. The thought of bacon on a donut never appealed to me but baby, let me tell you. Your tastebuds will jump out of your mouth and kiss you if you eat these.


Max Mickey

4 weeks ago

Hands down, the best donut I have ever eaten. I didn't even like cake donuts before Duck. Always made to order, and eat them HOT! Also with all the prices going up in CLT they don't charge $3+ for a donut like some other shops... Love Duck D!