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Shionda Farrell

3 months ago

Mood house is a mood ! If you havent already I think everyone should experience this magical massage mood house at least once, located in the Dilworth area of Charlotte . When you arrive youre asked to pick a mood from the candles for your massage experience I chose calm. Some of the other choices were abundant,& awake. I booked for the 50 minute massage which was such a delight and I opted for the mood house massage over the traditional massage where pretty much your massage therapist talks calmly to you and whisper mantras while performing your massage . I chose firm and she definitely hit all the spots and I was satisfied with her use of pressure . Also located inside is a meditation room and infrared sauna . From beginning to end this is an experience and it gives me Palm Springs vibes inside . Ill be back for more r&r soon !


Gabriel Wroblewski

a month ago

Such a calming and relaxing experience. The design is so unique and the atmosphere sets the intention for your visit. The staff is so charming and really puts you at ease. I got the 80 minute massage followed by 30 minutes in the inferred sauna. I had no concept of time when I was in there. Wished it lasted longer but thats what the membership is for, going for some TLC more often!


Keith Sorensen

6 months ago

Mercedes gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. She is a truly gifted professional who has found her calling as a masseuse. I have never indulged in subscribing to a membership for monthly massages, but after my wife joined Mood House and bought me a 50 massage there, I decided that I am worth it. Now I find myself looking forward to the next one as a highlight of my month. The atmosphere of the place is both beautiful and calming. You can tell the architecture is intended to create an environment that is conducive to the use of the space.


Rachael Hayes

a year ago

It was an amazing massage! This was my first time using the sauna and I will definitely be back! Thanks so much for the bday gift! Y'all made me feel special! :)


Jeannette Texidor

6 months ago

I loved spending time at Mood House. It is definitely set up to bring you into a calming, invigorating mood. From the moment I entered they greeted me with warmth and set the tone for my massage and sauna. The Sauna room was clean, well stocked with water and cool towels for your use. There was music playing and you could select whatever music suits you on the Pandora app on the pad. After melting away my stress, I waited for my massage therapist, Nannette in a soothing waiting room where everything from the colors to the candle made for a smooth transition to my relaxing massage. Nannette was very good and would check in on me as to the pressure and my comfort throughout the massage. I selected a calming oil from a choice of various fragrances. Having recently moved to the area I was happy to find such a gem so close to my home. Will definitely be back on a regular basis. Highly recommend it!

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