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Chelsea Boyd

a year ago

Shutter Booth was great! Our guests had a blast and we have a whole album of funny pictures to prove it. SO many guests said they loved having a photo booth at the wedding. I got the sparkle drape background and it was stunning with my wedding colors and other decor since my wedding was very glam and sparkly. The photo booth attendant also did a fantastic job very professional and helpful to the guests. I loved receiving a completed photo book with all the photos at the end of the night it was great to look and and read all the messages, and well put together by the attendant. I loved that we could add a custom design at the bottom of the photo strips that gave a nice personalized touch and it matched my cake monogram and my invites! Thank you so much shutter booth for making our day fun and special! - The Boyds


Joel Farrand

2 years ago

Art, Thank you to you and your staff for making our wedding event such a success. You worked tirelessly to create a Charlotte skyline backdrop our guests raved over. They were so excited to take a piece of Charlotte home with them. The pictures all came out amazing! You went above and beyond in every way imaginable! **highly recommend** Sheyla and Joel


Rebekah Bowen

5 years ago

ShutterBooth is not the cheapest thing in the world to add to your wedding day. That is what I thought when I splurged on it despite my reservations... NOW (4 days after my wedding day) I have received a zip file of ALL of the pictures that were taken (all in high resolution) and I am SO thrilled that we spent the money! The booth itself is cool, the lady who came to Big Chill and "manned" the booth was phenomenal, and ALL of my guests (from very young to old) THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! We loved the service beforehand, during, and after, and the scrapbook of photos for us (the bride & groom) is now a wonderful addition to our new home! THANK YOU, SHUTTERBOOTH! I will be recommending you to EVERY party-thrower I know! Much love!


Jim Clark

5 years ago

The ShutterBooth and the employees manning it at our corporate event were great. Everyone had an awesome time and the photo strips printed onsite were awesome. If it were to stop there they would have Excellent reviews across all categories. We were told at the event by ShutterBooth employees to expect the photos online the next day. They state on their website 3 to 5 days. Actual is closer to 8 days. The customer service online, both on the site and email responses were not helpful nor customer friendly. Since this is a spontaneous type of service, you would think they would want to do this as quickly as possible so the excitement of the event wouldn't be lost. Also, the sale of prints after the fact would be huge if they could be ordered in a reasonable amount of time. After checking several times a day for 5 days, it's kind of hard to feel good about the company, the photos, or the process they've set in place. Never one to give up, and wanting to order the pictures as a gift, I placed my order when they finally get the pictures loaded to the web site. I won't go into the cost of shipping which seems excessive, but will say that the 10 days they say it will take to print the picture before it's shipped is unbelievable (also this information is given only after the order is completed). If your going to be in business and offer a product, get your act together! It is now 2013, quality pictures are printed in a day. Uploads to a website, especially when it is your business, should be done overnight. Customer service should be your top priority not an after thought. Good reviews for employees at the event, horrible reviews for the company overall.


Seti Byrd

2 years ago

Great experience! The photo quality is so good! The digital props are so awesome and fun! Thank you so much!!