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Ashley Painter

3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful. Clean, spotless, the staff was very accommodating making sure we had food in our room since we would be arriving later than the chef was preparing food. This place was top notch and I felt like a princess. The bed and pillows were amazing and I had the best night sleep. Breakfast in the morning was delicious.


Conrad ME

4 weeks ago

Card G from AB has to go with the 5 Michelin star & diamonds. Shout out to the lotions for keeping everything silky smooth.



2 months ago

The massage was superb and the atmosphere was great. I did not give it 5 stars because the website is misleading about what facilities are open during COVID. They need to let people know that everything is closed but the outdoor pool. On the website they only say the sauna and steam rooms are closed. I told the front-desk lady they needed to update their website information because except for the lock rooms and lounge room everything is closed. If you go there just for your treatment then you are fine. However, if you, like me, are looking to relax in the facilities this is not going to be possible.



a year ago

Love this Spa! You must ask for Julie...nest hairstylist, colorist and person ! She brought me from blond to Red in one day! All love for this place..... and did I mention their spa packages are out of this world I can't wait to be given another one hurry please!


Sarahkate Martin

3 months ago

Unfortunately, this place has gone down in quality tremendously while the prices go up. I had a regular woman, Olive, I was seeing for 80 minute massages every four months or so that I wanted to see every visit, for consistency and so I didn't have to explain a new problem every time to someone new. Not everyone there gives the same quality massages for the price so when I find someone I like, I like to stick with them. I've seen her a handful of times until she no longer could be consistent. One time there was a family emergency, which I understand, then she was sick, then she's on vacation. She only works two days a week...? They would schedule me with her then she would call out. I would move the appointment. Then one time she called out and they didn't tell me. I got there and had a whole other person doing my massage and I had no idea what was going on. If I had known she called out, I would have moved the appointment. If I had known that it wasn't going to be consistent with her from the beginning, I would have already tried to find someone new a while ago. They continued to schedule me with Olive every time after that and I figured it might improve so I was fine with it. From the previous time she called out, I had a 20% off discount for the inconvenience for not being told. I had a massage scheduled for today at 12:15pm with her. They called yesterday at 4pm to let me know that Olive is on vacation until July 28th. Then why did you schedule me with her if she was on vacation? and why keep her on the schedule for someone to have massages with? If I only see her every four months, why is this such a consistent problem? I wouldn't have scheduled had they communicated. So even for the massage I had today, I was not able to use the 20% coupon. These massages are way too expensive for this to keep happening, especially when I am booked with her only every four months and now I am starting to wonder when they will call me to cancel because it has happened the last 4-5 times. I don't want to keep switching people. Olive was someone I already started seeing after the person before her left. I have spent a lot of money here over the past few years. I won't be back to have any more services from here. I will go somewhere else where things will be more consistent and where there is a better control of the way things are ran overall. It's way too much money for the quality of massages you get and I can put that towards somewhere else. The level of communication with clients here is very disappointing.