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Brandon Salata

8 months ago

Used to like their performance but they have totally ruined it with their draconian, Orwellian, mask/Covid policies. Cant say Im surprised but I will never attend again.



2 years ago

We have been involved in dance since 2008. This is the best experience we have had for the intermediate to advanced dance levels. The instructors are tough and require a lot from the dancers, but they are very kind and encouraging. They have brought out so much in my daughter. We drive an hour to attend this Academy and have never regretted making the switch. We have had wonderful experiences with the other dance families. They welcomed us with open arms. There were some poor reviews regarding Danielle. I too found Danielle to appear curt initially. However, after a year at the Academy, I have discovered she just has a style that is direct. She has been very patient with all my "first year" questions - and there have been a lot. Lastly, to address the concern about using likenesses. It an Academy that large with that many moving parts, there is no way to single out a few kids and be sure they never appear in anything. I have been part of very small studios where it is still nearly impossible. Unless the studio never documents anything or does no advertising, I don't see how they could ever promise that.


MusicMan Reviewer

11 months ago

Beautiful building and really nice staff.


Justine Baker

2 years ago

Good, but my daughter really needed a great physical therapist to step up her game. Saw Bridget Kelly at Carolina Sports Clinic and she was amazing!!! Made a huge difference to my daughters training.


deacon green

4 years ago

I wanted to enroll my daughter in ballet classes to teach her discipline, strengthen her body and mind, and to promote flexibility. I was(am) willing to pay the $600+ that is charged annually for this service. As I was filling out the registration form, I had to agree that the academy would have the right to film and photograph my child and use her likeness. ??? I called and asked if there was an option to pay money for dance lessons that did not include my child's likeness being publicly shown. I was told that it doesn't happen that often, and that was the only way to be in the academy. Odd that parents can't pay money for dance lessons without someone photographing and filming their child. Makes me suspicious of an organization with that type of policy. In the year 2017, most parents are aware of the threat of child predators. Why would I pay to have someone exploit my child's likeness? The short answer: I won't. It might be a great academy other than that, but my family and I will never know.

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