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Carol B

3 months ago

Great experience, awesome ballet, and the staff were friendly, helpful, and accommodating.


Michelle Miller

3 weeks ago

An unhealthy environment at an expensive price. Save your time and money and find another studio for your child.


Nataliya Kuropas

6 months ago

We have tried two other dance schools closer to home before Charlotte Ballet Academy (CBA), as CBA's main location is 50min+ commute for us. Growing up, I danced semi-professionally, so I could immediately see the VERY significant difference in the level of training at CBA for teachers and students. Ms. Veronica at Beginning Ballet is wonderful, and so is her assistant. They work together with much kindness, encouragement and professionalism toward their students. My daughter's love for ballet has continued to blossom -- she is completely mesmerized by her teachers, as well as the grace and beauty of the older dancers. We are grateful to have a ballet school of this caliber in Charlotte!


Tamiko H

8 months ago

I purchased Nutcracker ticket back in July 2021. In September of 2021, they came out with the new COVID protocol an requiring the vaccines or negative test. I decided to cancel the ticket but they are not responding with my request. When I called, they are saying that this has been the protocol for a long time and there's nothing they can do. So, either I pay extra money to have the test done (since I can't get vaccines for medical reasons), or lose the money for the tickets. They are very uncooperative and unprofessional. Will never attend their event


Brandon Salata

a year ago

Used to like their performance but they have totally ruined it with their draconian, Orwellian, mask/Covid policies. Cant say Im surprised but I will never attend again.

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