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JMyla Hansborough

2 weeks ago

I love this place it is always clean.Also they love to help you with anything you need.



a year ago

We have been involved in dance since 2008. This is the best experience we have had for the intermediate to advanced dance levels. The instructors are tough and require a lot from the dancers, but they are very kind and encouraging. They have brought out so much in my daughter. We drive an hour to attend this Academy and have never regretted making the switch. We have had wonderful experiences with the other dance families. They welcomed us with open arms. There were some poor reviews regarding Danielle. I too found Danielle to appear curt initially. However, after a year at the Academy, I have discovered she just has a style that is direct. She has been very patient with all my "first year" questions - and there have been a lot. Lastly, to address the concern about using likenesses. It an Academy that large with that many moving parts, there is no way to single out a few kids and be sure they never appear in anything. I have been part of very small studios where it is still nearly impossible. Unless the studio never documents anything or does no advertising, I don't see how they could ever promise that.


Linda Lash

a year ago

Can't wait for it to Open for the Season. Great choice for the first show !! Leone and Lena Fantastic !!


Justine Baker

a year ago

Good, but my daughter really needed a great physical therapist to step up her game. Saw Bridget Kelly at Carolina Sports Clinic and she was amazing!!! Made a huge difference to my daughters training.


Sapphire Heart

2 years ago

I gave this organization 1 stars based off of the professionalism of the first point of contact. One of the administrators Danielle. I called to find out why I was charged $270 before my daughter had even attended one of their classes. She was extremely unprofessional did not give me the slightest understanding. Her resolution to the billing issue was to ask if she wanted me to take my daughter out of the program. I was shocked as to that being her first form of resolution to give any understanding concerning the billing issue. Her professionalism is rated to that of a of a cheap fast food employee. I asked was there someone else I could speak to and she transferred me to someones voicemail. I called back to speak with the front desk. A representative named Asia who appeared to be very concerned with my issue gave me a full understanding. I was charged for.... registration an initial deposit and the first month fee for the class. WONDERFUL!!!!!! Problem resolved with just a little professionalism and understanding! I recommend a new first point of contact. I vote for Asia! Danielle seems to be very harsh. I would not be surprised if that is why ur ratings could possibly be so low. Or that u have lost financially due to the fact she was so readily willing to dismiss my daughter. Due to a minor misunderstanding.