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Will Gaston

2 months ago

Great and reasonably priced spot in Montford for co-working. Amenities and staff are wonderful. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to get out of the house to work.


Samantha Rosenfeld

11 months ago

I was fortunate enough to take advantage of a free week of coworking at CoCoTiv Coworking recently and I was completely blown away by the amenities that the space has to offer! The layout of the space is so aesthetically pleasing and all patrons were quiet and respectful of sharing the same space. There are phone rooms and private offices throughout the floor, as well as meeting rooms and a large kitchen! All members are offered unlimited beer, kombucha, coffee, sparkling or still water, etc.! The views up on the fourth floor are also stunning even on a grey day! I was extremely productive and I will definitely be back!


Deas Nature

4 months ago

I like the facility, staff and and location. They do a great job of creating community and customer service.


Robert Hackney

12 months ago

CoCoTiv is an unbelievable co-working space. It is the perfect combination of a classy and comfort environment, in the heart of Myers Park/South Park neighborhoods. With their easily accessible amenities, friendly staff, and free parking, it is easily a top venue in the co-work community. Whether you are in search of office space, or event space, John and his staff go above and beyond go get you what you need, and what you are looking for.


Brian McGill

a year ago

The CoCoTiv coworking space is in my opinion the greatest place to come and work on a regular basis if you are a hungry business making professional that values working in an inviting business making environment. I shopped around... their affordable pricing, practical location, working environment, and all the other things that matter intersect to make them the best in my book. I had a dedicated desk for one year... my CoCoTiv colleagues were awesome... During this year I got promoted from a Senior Account Executive to Director of Partnership partly because I could come to a space that encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone with confidence. For Example... one day I got off the elevator and told Mollie at the front Desk... "HEY I'm doing my first web panel today!!!" and she said "Your gonna be great! I'll set you up over in the conference room so you can use that BIG VOICE!" The space is cool... exposed wood, sturdy desks, big phone booths, starbucks coffee, and a cafe lounge with cold beer for those long meetings that should have been an email. I've shopped around Charlotte because I work for a Tech Startup that stretches every penny. CoCoTiv is incredibly affordable even if they raised their prices so don't get silly with your negotiations... if you wanna get a better ROI bring in a referral or two. On top of CoCoTiv's affordable pricing... FREE PARKING and FREE FITNESS CENTER!!!!!! Do you use HUBSPOT??? So does CoCoTiv and other members of their community... sometimes it's very nice to bounce marketing ideas and strategies with folks using the same CRM. If you need to get started with HUBSPOT... CoCoTiv is a great place to get started. I wish my life could keep me in Charlotte so I could keep working at CoCoTiv.