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T Key

2 weeks ago

My first time trying this place. Food was pretty good, I was able to taste the protein and even other ingredients. Margaritas hit really nice. My only issue, the tacos that included corn tortillas were not doubled. Which made the tacos fall a part and a mess while eating. Everyone knows that 2 corn tortillas are needed for a taco. Oh and the staff was pretty good. Ill try again. If the corn tortillas arent doubled, I wont go for a 3rd visit.


Bradley Mejia

a week ago

Loved the menu with all the different flavors and styles they had! The food tasted really amazing and I had so many different types of tacos I would say the only downside was it felt a bit heavier on the stomach like oily on the steak taco. Other than that it was incredible and my favorite part was the corn and chips!



a month ago

I have never been to a Velvet Taco and was looking forward to trying this one. I went two weeks ago and my experience was not the best. I walked in and the entrance looked like a storage room. There were stacks of boxes and drinks. There were two people at the registers, one was taking someone else's order and the other person was just standing there at the register. She looked at us but did not greet us or say anything. She continued to stand there doing nothing, saying nothing. The person at the other register finished with the other customers and then greeted us very nicely and took our order, offering suggestions and describing the tacos. The food itself was fine, but for the price I did not think it was worth it, especially since the tacos were kind of small. There are other taco places that have slightly bigger tacos, better taste, and better prices.


Kim Stump

a month ago

So the good news: the tacos were interesting and delicious. The downside: Velvet Taco is set up as a fast casual restaurant, but the night we were there it was quite slow. The queso and chips we ordered did come out first, but it was far too long a wait for the tacos that followed for a pick-your-food-up-at-the-counter and bus-your-own-table restaurant. Ill try it again, but Id suggest you dont go if youre in any kind of hurry at all!!


Kathryn Maxwell

2 months ago

Delicious tacos! We have been here twice already so have tried 8 of their tacos and all were excellent! Margaritas were also super tasty. The staff was all super friendly and very fast service even on a busy Saturday night!

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