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Micah Trostle

a month ago

Im giving this place four stars instead of five because Im banned from racing here (for spinning too much tire in the parking lot), but its not the biggest deal in the world because Im really bad at driving go carts anyways. When I was allowed to race had a lot of fun the carts seem to be pretty kept up-to-date and I love how the track hosts different races throughout the year. Anyhow, my friends and I love to come hang here its a vibe.


Clay Lanford

a week ago

This place is awesome! The track is in great shape, and I had an absolute blast racing around it. The staff were helpful and courteous, and the karts were in good shape and generally performed well. I have the karting bug now, and can't wait to come back


chris arthur

in the last week

This place is always good! Fast karts that are well maintained, a world class facility, and a track that offers a diverse assortment of turns.



3 months ago

If you're looking for an adrenaline filled good time this is the place. Super fun and the staff is amazing, the guys on track are all on point. Definitely recommend!


Robert Rose

2 months ago

Best place to drive go karts anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic. I've been racing go karts since I was a kid, back when parking lots in stadiums and local car tracks were often used for official race - while that still happens, a lot, we now also have more choices for purpose built kart tracks. Without a doubt, GoPro Motorplex is one of the best purpose built tracks I've been to. My son races Briggs 206 cadet karts, so I race the same setup, but for the older crowd. We visit frequently to get practice in. The owner kart (bring your own kart) rates are very affordable for a day of practice. Add to that, that there's always plenty of others there with similar karts to practice against, and every time we go we have a lot of fun. If you don't have your own kart, they have a fleet of brand new CRG rental karts that FLY! These are easily some of the fastest rental karts I've driven. Easily as fast as some of the slower race kart classes. Well maintained, equally tuned, and fast... Can't beat these rental karts if you're looking to go fast. As for the facility, itself, it's top notch. LOTS of space, even during crowded race weekends. Tons of parking outside the main gate, with lots of pit/trailer area in the paddock. They also have an on-site kart shop where you can get small parts if something breaks, it an entirely new chassis and help building it, if you need it. The shop, track, and all support facilities are kept clean, safe, and in good repair. Excellent facility. Overall, if you're anywhere within a few hours of Charlotte, and you love driving a kart fast, you have to visit GoPro!

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