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Grandfather Mountain


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Leanna Curry

in the last week

Amazing views! We have always seen Grandfather Mountain in the distance, so it was nice to explore it. Because of the age of some of the people, we drove all the way to the bridge instead of hiking it (maybe next time). It was so beautiful to see the scenery and views. Very serene, at least until you get to the suspended bridge. There were families there whose children were not well behaved and performed as if they owned the bridge. The children were pushing people while they ran across the bridge , yet no word from the adults. In any event, we made it across the bridge even with the disruptions and movement of the suspension. I would highly suggest this outing for anyone. God's creations are amazingly beautiful and worth seeing.


Rochelle Delain

in the last week

Awesome. Beautiful views and so much to learn and experience at any age. The Mile High Swinging Bridge is a must do. Rather scary the first time but the spectacular views are so worth it. We also enjoyed the different habitats. Bears, Cougars, Eagles, Otters etc. Reasonably priced with thing for the entire family.


Sandra Camacho-Bond

a month ago

Grandfather Mountain is a MUST DO when visiting western NC. I would recommend allotting at least 3 hours to enjoy all the stops. I would recommend visiting the bear enclosure around 1:30 when the rangers give the bears their daily stimulation (for us, it was a toilet paper roll stuffed with sheep hair). The 3 bears came out and were very close to the railing. We were able to enjoy them interacting with each other and the stimulation.


Darlene Creech

a month ago

We had a great day at Grandfather Mt. The weather was beautiful and we could go on the swinging bridge. The assistants were great, took a family photo and all. Nice gift shop at top. We had lunch in the restaurant and it was delicious! Everyone was so nice and courteous. We saw several animals at feeding time. Everything was very clean also.


Moise Moctezuma

4 weeks ago

The experience was good. The mile high bridge was a sight to see and the trails were fun to walk. The habitat exhibit was lacking a bit. The bears, elks, and cougars were not within any visible range. All in all, a good experience. The biggest downfall of this place is the $20 per person admission(not for vehicle, PER PERSON). I have never visited any park that is that expensive. To be honest, the amount of money spent is ridiculous. I counted about 100 different adults(not counting children) within the first hour of being there. For being a "non-profit", they are receiving a very large compensation. You are better off going to any of the other parks. I'm sure you can get to all of them and still save money in comparison to this location.