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Melissa Stone

2 weeks ago

We have been here several times. Absolutely a blast. We have been to many ATV parks but this is by far our favorite. Even on a holiday when it is busy in the parking lot you hardly run into anyone on the trails. We stay the weekend in the RV sites and it's a blast! The rates are comparable to the other ATV parks we have been too and this park is a lot less strick with the rules.. great time!!



a month ago

My family and I drove 4 hours to visit this park this past weekend. Even after reading all the negative reviews on the website with new change of hands with owners we still wanted to check out the trails. Upon checking in my husband and I debated on buying bands for Monday since we were leaving that day, but we were told if we left before check out at 10 am and brought our bands up we would get out money back. Of course with the ease of just getting the bands then and deciding later we went ahead and bought bands for Monday. On Monday morning we decided we were done and I took bands up and Hailey had no idea what I was talking about.. Then another lady came over and said they stopped doing this a few months ago and asked who told me this I described the lady to her and she called another lady who then told her to have me fill out a refund request and they would look into it. I of course wasn't satisfied with this and wanted to speak to the manager. A lady came in named Stephanie who was the "Bookkeeper" and told me she couldn't give me my money back and I would just have to fill out the form. I Explained to her I don't understand how the staff was unaware that things don't work like this here and they should be trained properly and that would have made our decision of buying another band easier to begin with. Stephanie told me she couldn't just write me a check. I told her we paid in cash and just wanted cash not a check and again I demanded to talk to a manager or to have her write down a name and number for me to call. Stephanie refused to give me this information and told me I could fill out the form, but I probably still wouldn't get my money back because of my demanding demeanor of wanting to speak with a manager. I told Stephanie that the customer service they were delivering to customers wasn't very professional at all and that's not how you should treat guests and she replied with "well that's how we do it here." I totally understand why the RV park was like a ghost town the whole time we were there now. It's hard to keep a business like this going with such crappy customer service which is a shame because the scenery is AMAZING!! We did have a great time riding with family on all the beautiful trails all weekend. Maybe they will sell again soon to business owners who aren't money hungry and care about customer service.


Kent Willard

in the last week

Lots of trails for the novice and intermediate, trails thru the woods and the wide open. Drag strip, mud bog, and climbing hills for the more experienced and brave riders. Bikes, utility and racing 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, 4 seaters; it was all there. May be fun by yourself but definitely fun with a group. Note: they give you a map but it's printed South up so it won't match up to your GPS unless you flip it upside down.


Austin Morris

in the last week

Too expensive to ride and they just did a price increase. If you like dirt roads to ride then this is a place for you but there's nothing even slightly challenging and got bored in the first few hours. All the good trails and tough obstacles have been closed off. The bathrooms were disgusting, the water truck never ran through the parking lot, they didnt have food prepared and when they finally cooked it I'm pretty sure it was heated in a microwave. Will not be wasting my money I'll go to other parks and ride for 10 years what it costs for a year at this place and actually see some scenery and mountain views and waterfalls while putting my rzr to the test. Farewell CAW


Gesila Miller

a month ago

The bracelets are very annoying they make you put on. They get wet when you wash your hands and caught in my sleeve. I would rather put it on my clothes or something. Other than that trails are really good. I take the bracelet off as I pull away from check in to be comfortable.