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Stanisluas Katzinski

2 months ago

Fun place to walk around for a day. I went with my grand parents during a week day and we had the place to ourselves. We were able to go through at our own pace which was great. Some buildings were under construction or unavailable for viewing which I felt was understandable. Great look at the past.


Brandy Smiles

a week ago

Most AMAZING place to go and enjoy history with your family. I've always loved this place since I was a kid. I recommend this for a great day trip.


Jennifer Blackmon

a week ago

Love this place. Good place for a field trip to learn about History


Danielle Mitten

8 months ago

We our visiting from Phoenix with family from England and we all enjoyed our day trip to Brattonsville so much. Really great family outing. The homes are so amazing, the history is wonderful and also includes history from The Patriot movie, the grounds are absolutely beautiful and well tended additionally. The actors all did such a fantastic job too and were full of information. We were really impressed. I've seen history reenactments before, but never any as good as what we saw are Brattonsville today. It really felt as if they had lived it. They were great at being living history. We had a wonderful picnic in the picnic area and the souvenir shop had really great prices on such cool pieces to my surprise. Can't wait to come back here during the fall. Make sure you go to the bathroom before venturing out and make sure to bring snacks, drinks, and a picnic. It can get hot during the day with lots of walking so make sure you stay hydrated, but the picnic area is in the shade which was nice and cool.


Heather Thomason

7 months ago

Brattonsville used to be one of my favorite places to visit. I would visit at least once a month to just relax and get a brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You get a sense of stepping back in time. It's refreshing to get a glimpse of how life was before technology and innovation completely took over. Time seemed to slow down and I really got the chance to soak in the peaceful atmosphere of a much simpler time.