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Ni Zi

4 months ago

Really fun experience for kids. During busy times there is a wait. On a weekday you may have very little wait, unless a group is scheduled to come in. You have to sign in, fill out your info and get a card to scan for next time. You can buy one race or more, if you buy more than one race but don't use it that day - you can use it another day. Our experience has been the person at the front desk has a 5++ star personality: helpful, friendly, excellent customer service. Once it's time to race it's very confusing when it's actually your turn. It's hard to see the screen, it's so loud, the microphone is so muffled you are basically guessing the whole time about when it's time to go, also the staff at the track are just not very helpful, they don't explain things well (only the flags), they don't explain how to adjust the car seat to reach pedals, they don't help the kids get strapped in, they aren't clear about when the race actually starts, the helmets are not put on the kids with care, the visors are foggy and the kids can't see well. The staff plays with the remotes and slows drivers down with no rhyme or reason and it's really not a race because they are manipulating the cars for the kids. It's a very confusing environment once you are up for your race, no one can hear anything, The staff are not trying to help the kids understand. Otherwise fun, if you know your child will be confused, may not get comfortable in the seat, and it's not really a race (because they will slow your child's car down) throughout the race, then your kids will have a blast!



7 months ago

Went here for a birthday party! My 7 year old son has never driven a go cart so he was excited but nervous! So was I! The staff was good at going over the instructions, telling the kids to start off slow, and assisting them where needed. The group got a session on the track, had a party (with pizza, drinks, cake) and then another session on track. They have a scoreboard so you can see which place you come in. It's set up like an actual racecar track. My son loved it!


Any Gamer

10 months ago

Do not recommend THIS concord location. Rude race staff. You can feel they didnt want to work there or at least are having a bad day taking it out on you. Poor communication between front and track staff. All monitors are fuzzy (try n read photos) and hard to hear names on speakers. Ruined experience. We like the Myrtle Beach location.


Joshua Johnson

3 months ago

Welcomed when walking in the door. We arrived right when it opened and it was us and one other person. $25 per race about 12 Laps, 15 minutes or so. My son had a blast.



a month ago

A great place for teenagers, parents and also grandparents I enjoyed everytime I'm there. The receptionist is a really nice lady, very helpful.

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