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xdragonx108 gaming

a year ago

We didnt even get in a race


Stetson Kearns

3 months ago

Me and my girlfriend went one weekend and Im a huge Nascar fan so I loved the environment of the place. The decorations and wall art is awesome. Its a really cool atmosphere. And you get so much excitement all built up cause you are so excited to get into one of those carts and get strapped in and go racing. But first you gotta go purchase your tickets. The prices are kinda what I expected them to be considering its indoors, the track is pretty big, the carts are fast and lightweight, you have to wear a helmet for safety. So you know these arent just your average go karts that just any kid could ride. These were made for adults and they are a blast to drive. But for as many times as we got completely stopped or slowed down by the workers because of all the ignorant people we were racing with spinning out and stopping sideways on the track we would have actually got to get our moneys worth out of the time we was on track. After going back and watching our helmet camera recordings, I noticed that we had to stop a lot. And I mean a lot a lot, like excessively had to be stopped remotely where ever we was at on the track but it chipped and ate away at the time we were allowed out on the track so much it almost wasnt worth the money because it was over so soon. And by the time you really got to enjoy them and get used to driving them, you had already ran both of your 10 minute races and youve already spent $100 between 2 people for about 20 minutes of racing thats just about all most people can afford in 1 night. Granted, it was a blast but there was just way too much time spent stopped on the track to be able to get my moneys worth it felt like.


Nickel and Dime

3 months ago

Management very knowledgeable and helpful in reviewing services offered for the best bang for the buck. Crew members offered advice about the track and how to drive smoother and faster! Tremendous experience for my grandson just starting to experience the thrill of performance driving. Highly recommended on most every level. Like the way the track master can control and slow down the cars if there is a spin or blocked track.


Rick Nobers

2 months ago

2-26-22 Did the three race pass ($59.99). You get about 10 laps per race. The track is winding, has sharp curves, etc. The karts are fast. Will add that after three races, I found some cars handle better than others. Also note that the employees have control over the cars and can slow you down for emergencies, racers who've spun out, the occasional reckless jerk, etc. Expect this at times. You are timed on your laps if you want to compete with others. Logistically, you can spend a lot of time here waiting on your races. Hours. Expect some wait at peak times. Can be tough on your arms, neck, back from doing sharp turns, impact with others, etc. I am in decent shape and was fatigued after my three races. This was fun and I really enjoyed this. Two things I don't like: 1)Requiring a membership costing 7.95 is pretty much silly. I can't think of any reason to have this other than getting more money 2)Also they charge a fee to use cards, a few dollars. No bueno. I understand swipe fees but there are few places that still charge a fee (at least outright and not part of the cost) to conduct business. Per the price to do anything, I find this as insulting as the membership fee.


Marco Pepin

4 months ago

Had a lot of fun with the family. We got to play some video games while we waited for our turn to race and when the time came to get into the go karts it was a great experience. A great past time. Thank you to the K1 staff for all the attention and the awesome work.

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