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EnjoyBeing Yourself

in the last week

We needed a nice get away with kids, so we headed to charlotte. The experience was nice for a second time around. However, it would have been much appreciated to receive a refund on our unused track run. The young lady at the counter could have at least checked and verified with the manager as well instead of insisting we could only transfer the prepaid funds to a later track run. Being that we live 3 hours away, im not sure when we'll get back. So for whomever reads this be sure you can drive and nothing comes up, because you won't get your money back, they'll just keep it and hold it for a later run.


David Hernandez

a week ago

Fun place to take the kids! Friendly staff, great atmosphere. Awesome and fast go karts. Will definitely return.


Keane Matthews

3 weeks ago

Take time to go in the early afternoon on a weekday, when nobody else is there. You and your friends will have the place to yourselves so you won't have to worry about caution flags for crashes. That's really the key to improving your lap times - having uninterrupted racing. What K1 REALLY needs to do is add cameras to the ceiling and give drivers the chance to study the line they ARE driving compared to the optimal racing line. That overhead view would really help new drivers.


Traci Ratzlaff

8 months ago

Fantastic track. Great opportunity for kids or adults. There is even a couple of nice rooms for private gift opening or cake. Plan on scheduling your party or arriving with plenty of time to wait on a weekend. Today was a bit busy and had a lengthy wait. Probably due to the cold/rainy weather, as this is a great indoor activity. We went as a group as adults and had a blast. Will bring the teenagers out here next time.


Ian Beaty

a month ago

Great track and good karts. Kept in good condition. My only beef with this place is some of the customers who come here. I enjoy racing and improving on my time and a solid 75% of the crowd don't know how to drive karts or in a competitive nature thus impeding the progress of serious racers and possibly endangering the saftey of others. Had to leave after massive crowds showed up because it turned into bumper cars mostly. Again, this is a great track, with greats karts, and great staff! Just the other customers that get in the way.