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2 months ago

Went here for a birthday party! My 7 year old son has never driven a go cart so he was excited but nervous! So was I! The staff was good at going over the instructions, telling the kids to start off slow, and assisting them where needed. The group got a session on the track, had a party (with pizza, drinks, cake) and then another session on track. They have a scoreboard so you can see which place you come in. It's set up like an actual racecar track. My son loved it!


Any Gamer

5 months ago

Do not recommend THIS concord location. Rude race staff. You can feel they didnt want to work there or at least are having a bad day taking it out on you. Poor communication between front and track staff. All monitors are fuzzy (try n read photos) and hard to hear names on speakers. Ruined experience. We like the Myrtle Beach location.


Sairam Gajavelli

2 weeks ago

These are scammers if you are group of 7 one of their staff will come and join. By that the guy who came from staff will do 12 laps by the time you are at 8 or 9 and no power for vehicle in many laps . Total waste it is


Shannon Harrison

11 months ago

A pretty fun experience for first timers wanting a casual "racing" experience. I've raced here over 50 times if your serious about racing I would advise gas karts since 1 of the down falls of "racing" here is the staff have the ability to turn the electronic speed limiter up or down with a remote during the race. So it's pretty fun depending on when you go and who your on track with but forget about real fair sport if any of the staff or friends of staff are racing that day, or if any overly aggressive or inexperienced drivers are on track and be prepared for ridiculous wait times sometimes 2-3 hours occasionally and the arcade games are overpriced $1 per play for old school quarter games they have converted to take tokens and they are out of order half the time. Fun place but for how much you pay they could do better.



3 months ago

The concept is fun but the rest is not. To start, there never seems to be enough employees to check drivers in, run the races and operate the food and drink area. What we really hate is that even though my son is a regular participant he has to "prove himself" at lower speed setting every time we go. That means the first race is a wash. $20 to show that he can handle full speed (if they pay attention) and we have to haggle with the employee who is always reluctant to turn it to full speed for the next race even though he shows he can handle it. His times avg 37 seconds on the Jr carts when at full speed. That info should be available to the employee running the track and speed level automatically set accordingly on every race. He is at the point where he doesn't want to go because driving at level 3 is boring and doesn't allow him to compete. We understand the safety aspect but if you don't find a way to allow the experienced kids to "compete" in every race they will find alternate activities at other tracks etc.

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