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Patricia Smiley

3 weeks ago

My son said this was the best day ever! I love being able to get up close to the wild animals and feed them. The drive through area was great! The walking part wasnt as nice. There were a lot of empty exhibits and the grounds crew were clearing and pruning all of the trees and plant areas so some of the paths werent passable. Hoping to go back this summer and see an improvement but overall we enjoyed our time here!


Kimberly Ortis

3 months ago

Such an amazing experience. My cousins loved it because of all the friendly animals like turtles, kangaroos, alpacas and even giraffes. You travel on the path with your car and pay to get a bucket with food to feed them with out your window. They won't bite you so don't worry. I give it 5 stars because it's well deserved and not many people know about it so its not crowdy at all. There is also a little path near the opening that has a beautiful scenery and even more animals. Great for family outings.


CityNeck Racing LLC

a month ago

Great place! Had friends visit while I was in collage years ago and we went to this zoo twice during their visit! Great place for all ages that are animal lovers! Highly recommend that you take a vehicle that has a rear opening window such as a SUV or such!!


Shawna Bintz

a week ago

We enjoyed the ranch. We went on the wagon ride instead of driving our car through and I'm glad we did. The driver was funny and informative. We were above the animals so we felt safe and we didn't get puddles of drool in our car. Haha. It was a fun day.


A Cornejo

4 weeks ago

I've been at this ranch couple of times with my kids. It is an amazing place to go see animals. If you live close to Charlotte NC I absolutely recommend this place to take children to see the animals then a picnic.