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Bethania Guinevere

4 months ago

My son and I love this place! So many things to do and we love the Thomas events and fire truck festival and go every year! The big fire truck parade is pretty awesome. So many cool events for kids and very reasonable prices for all their is to do for little ones. Update: sad to say since you've taken to forcing vaccines on visitors we probably won't be back. I don't support businesses who attempt to take away my medical freedoms. So. Have fun with that.


Marc Lichon

2 weeks ago

I'm a big train geek and this museum had a rarely extensive collection from steam engines to diesel. This used to be a well-functioning, huge repair facility and I was surprised to see actual repairs still going on! I was able to observe a locomotive being pulled out by the tractor of the repair bay, put on the round table, turned toward another track, coupled with a running locomotive and get jump started! I've never seen a diesel start up before. There are extensive train displays but also a collection of rare cars so something for everyone. I'm glad I took the opportunity to visit while in town.


Russell Tartock

in the last week

On the grounds of a rail repair shop, they have several locomotives, coaches, cabooses, and cars, planes, and boats. Reasonably priced admission. They offer a ride in vintage coaches behind a diesel electric that covers some history and the full property. They even have a working round house turntable. A wonderful (half?) day's activity.


Katie Schneider

a year ago

We had a great time here! We will go back soon. We loved seeing all the different types of transportation. It was cool getting to see the trains up close. We also enjoyed getting to see work being done in the trains. I hope in the coming years they are able to add more train cars to walk through. This was our favorite part! The train ride was different then expected but my child loved it!! Everyone was very nice.


Michael Newman

3 weeks ago

Cool place for kids and adults but Ive only been for special events. During special events there have been food vendors. After going a few times I feel like Ive seen everything there is to see but my kids still loves it when they have Day out with Thomas for example. If you havent been before its really cool. If youve been there before it doesnt change much.

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