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The Spa & Wellness Center at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte incorporates treatments utilizing 100% organic products and also features a bromine-treated swimming pool designed to avoid the effects of traditional harsh pool chemicals. Signature spa experiences at The Spa & Wellness Center include the unique Green Your Body Eco-Treatment, utilizing organic and vegan essential oils as well as environmentally-respectful scrubs and polishes. The Spa & Wellness Center offers wellness counseling that can incorporate the hotel’s complimentary cycling and tasteful organic cuisine as key components in a guest’s overall health planning.

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Boqui Changchu

2 months ago

The Ritz-Carlton, WOW! Yes i know its the Ritz, but it was great 5 star place. The views were awesome. My wife & I enjoyed the work out rm the most. The reception was not 5 stars, but sometimes someone just has a bad day. I cant fault the Ritz


Drew J

4 months ago

Every time I'm here the service is beyond spectacular. I can't say enough about the staff. They're polite, accommodating and honestly make you feel good. I wish I could say better this [Charlotte] crew is the best I've patronized.


Katelyn Dunlap

7 months ago

Stunning hotel in the heart of Charlotte, NC! All the staff were super friendly and offered to help with everything. We got it late so we ordered room service, it was delicious and they had options for a family member who has to be gluten free. When I went it was around Christmas and they had the cutest gingerbread village in their lobby! I have stayed here once before they renovated and enjoyed it but after the beautiful new updates its even more awe inspiring. Given the chance I will most definitely stay here again.


Heather Channel

7 months ago

I use to love this Ritz. I live in Charlotte. I use to go to the lounge/bar very often and the spa very much. They have gotten rigid and less friendly towards people over the years. The bar area is much more closed than it use to be- I miss the open seating and the meeting of other people. This use to be the place to be- but not so much anymore. The spa- there has been a significant decline in experience I use to use the facilities often and pay the day pass. The spa day pass went from $25 to $45, then they put in specific days this could be used. I understand that they are busy sometimes and cannot allow this all the time but that personal feel I had going here has dissipated. When I call now, there is a were too busy for you and your little day pass attitude. But I use to send a lot of people there and go often. The hotel is beautiful and the staff is friendly, I just feel like their customer service is dwindling. I dont want to feel like an inconvenience if Im a local spending time at their bar/lounge/spa and paying to do so.


Rob Dufour

7 months ago

My wife and I recently stayed at the Charlotte Ritz for a quick Valentines Day get away. It was our first experience staying at a Ritz Carlton and we were blown away by the quality of the property and amenities but most importantly how hospitable the entire staff was and how purposeful they were in making our stay an unforgettable one. The staff, led by Annie Mitchell, reached out to us prior to our stay and asked how they could make our stay special, and WOW - they went completely above and beyond and we will be forever grateful to them. Thanks for everything, Annie and staff! We will see you again soon!