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The Spa & Wellness Center at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte incorporates treatments utilizing 100% organic products and also features a bromine-treated swimming pool designed to avoid the effects of traditional harsh pool chemicals. Signature spa experiences at The Spa & Wellness Center include the unique Green Your Body Eco-Treatment, utilizing organic and vegan essential oils as well as environmentally-respectful scrubs and polishes. The Spa & Wellness Center offers wellness counseling that can incorporate the hotel’s complimentary cycling and tasteful organic cuisine as key components in a guest’s overall health planning.

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Tina Vo

4 months ago

Had a great time celebrating my boyfriends birthday! Clean and beautiful room, a welcome treat, and the staff and housekeeping were on top of everything! The messaging chat function in the app was so convenient. I was able to arrange transportation for dinner through it! Breakfast with in room dining was tasty and so hearty. They gave us so much food I could barely finish!


Nelson Chamer

5 months ago

Don't forget to use o.m when booking a stay. This site will compare countless booking websites and typically will have rates a lot cheaper than others! Thank me later! This place is the best rated in the area. I have been coming here for a very long time. If you stay for a few days you for sure won't be let down. Our first ever stay at a Ritz-Carlton. This property was outstanding! We were blown away by the outstanding customer service!! We not only highly recommend this brand / property, we swear by it. We will be loyal customers from this point forward. Thank you all for a wonderful stay!


Caroline Recio

a month ago

Denise helped us check in and her service is unmatched. The hotel is sparkling clean. The amenities are up to date. The hotel is in the perfect location. What more is there to ask for. I am looking forward to my spa day tomorrow. The only small critique I have, and maybe my experience was an anomaly, but the wait and the K lounge was pretty long, service was slow, and there was only 1 bartender.


John Ludwig

a month ago

This is my only second bad review written ever. I shouldve written on for the Ritz S blvd Miami as well. The staff were pleasant but few, and entirely unaware of the hotels amenities or its surroundings. No indication at all was given that Club Level was completely gone and The Punch Room not open. If anything the website inferred the opposite. Getting assistance with my wifes luggage upon arrival was a chore as opposed to a standard. When leaving I loaded her luggage piece by piece in the cold with a spraying mist while a valet and a door man watched. Paid or not no local transportation or shuttle was even offered. Uber was frowned upon and access denied yet we had no other option. I may sound trite or come across as arrogant but when for one evening you pay $1883 for a standard suite and $117 for an egg & bacon breakfast for two you expect, if not great, at least good or caring service. I work extremely hard for my money and I enjoy the occasional opportunity to spoil my wife. Unfortunately this was not the case.


Rachel McGee

2 weeks ago

Very kind and responsive staff. Room was very spacious, designed nicely with large windows to view the city. Did a wine tasting with Maddie one night which was fun and informative! Highly recommend staying here

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