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East Charlotte

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Eugene Griffith

a week ago

Visited the gun and knife show. Free parking and only $7 entry fee with the $1 off coupon. Great setup inside with nice open vendor displays. Lots of good deals everywhere. Excellent supply of guns, knives, holsters, ammunition, bags, military hardware! Great gun show!!!


Jeffery Lewis

2 weeks ago

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Alicia Zinn

2 months ago

We went for the Southern Christmas Show! My mom, Aunt, Grandmother and I had so much fun walking around visiting all the booths and getting some fun locally made items! I am so glad we all got to go spend the afternoon together and get some cool things!


Yolonda R Hen

4 months ago

Absolutely TERRIBLE. Where do I start? The show was supposed to start at 8. We pull up at 7:50 and they were JUST now opening doors. The lines were ridiculous. They called themselves having a Platinum VIP line for faster entrance..JOKE!!! All lines were extremely long. The lines to get to the seats, concession lines, restroom lines. The sound system was horrible. The comedian was actually telling the truth in his jokes, especially when he said " I've never did a show in an airport hangar before. Did this used to be a Home Depot?" Joe and Brian McKnight deserve way better than that "Cornbread Productions" venue. Luckily they are professionals and super talented so they still put on a good show. But to all artists..if your manager books you at this venue, fire them after you slap them.


vikramasundaram Sivakumar

a month ago

Went to train show..had a good time with family.the entrance could have been cleared marked ahead to find easily