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2 months ago

Brunch was fantastic @ Lake View Tavern. Food, drinks and service were great especially the views on this sunny morning. Can't wait for it to be spring and eat outside on the terrace.


Daren Sweeting

a month ago

They have let the range and practice area fall apart. I bought a bucket and actually just left it the range was so bad. Its a sad day when i have to go to the divide over emerald lakes. They need to add a row of mats for when the grass needs time. The practice green was in bad shape as well. I did not go on the course but it looked like a 25 dollar course from what i seen. This is usually in much better shape.



2 weeks ago

Great course, wide open, very challenging, and the greens are quick as anything! Definitely will play again and hopefully get my score under a 100 this time


Renee Knight

2 months ago

They have rude employees in a call center that constantly call businesses! We have asked them repeatedly to take us off the call list and get hung up on! Kelly especially! This is company harassment , desperate and a very poor representation of your company! Please teach your staff to comply when asked! What is wrong with you guys over there?


Adam Carriker

8 months ago

This is a great course, for the most part the fairways are open and straight away. The entire course looks great but there are 4 or 5 really beautiful holes. The greens weren't in great condition, which surprised me for the cost of a round, but other than that it was a great place to play. It also isn't extremely challenging but you will probably use all of your clubs, you can't got the same shot every hole.