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2 weeks ago

The employees are really nice and courteous. The prices are really cheap so the concession prices are not bad since your not paying much to watch a movie even in real 3D. I enjoy coming here especially on discount Tuesday. The movies are only $1.75 per person! That really is a great deal.


Nancy Fulmer

2 months ago

We've been going here for years. They remodeled recently and didn't take into account that short people go to movies too. I'm 5'3" and my feet won't go flat on the floor - very uncomfortable. So i take one of the child booster seats in and put my feet on it. I wouldn't want my child using a booster seat that someone had their feet on but .....?????? I leave it on the floor so whoever cleans up should have it cleaned before putting it back in the stack - assuming they are cleaned at all. They have also begun showing several Indian type films at the time - wouldn't one be enough? I never see Indian people in the theater. That being said, the staff is extra friendly and helpful. The popcorn is good and the prices are just downright cheap. They would get five stars except for the new seats.


Nicholas Cunningham

3 months ago

5 Stars for the Price. If you are expecting a night of high class entertainment, you have come to the wrong place. If you are here to catch a movie on a big screen for a cheap price, then you are getting your monies worth. Buy popcorn, get a soda, don't get upset that the floors are sticky and enjoy a flic that you didn't pay $100 to see. This is a favorite little spot of mine and I plan to use it for what it is and enjoy every bit of it. I also have 3 small kids and they love going to the theater so what is not to love.


Jackson Karow

a month ago

While the prices aren't what they used to be (~$3 per afternoon ticket), they're still better than most. Second-run movies, though, so check their online listings before you decide you want to see anything remotely current. It's not the cleanest building I've ever been in, but definitely not bad enough that I'd consider it dirty. Absolutely worth checking out.



2 weeks ago

The theater has been renovated. It is absolutely beautiful. The staff is great. The price was also amazing.