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Shane Chappell

6 months ago

The second time I went, there was a ton of wildlife. People are good there, leaving you alone and minding their own business. Excellent trails; most are gravel and wide enough for the bikes to pass you without having to step off


Brittany Mcguire

9 months ago

Apparently I've rated Colonel Francis Beatty Park before but didn't write anything! So here we go! This place is my #1 spot for mountain bike riding. At this point I know the trails like the back of my hand. I went for the first time in quite a long time yesterday with a new bike. I love the new guide signs for which way to hike and bike along with some new jumps and paths. And as always, I absolutely love the trails. They were even more fun now that I have a new bike! Cannot wait to come here more often this Spring and Summer!


Jessy Morales

a month ago

I visited this park first for our Lovely wedding venue.... And i visited again for enjoy the hiking and the forest with husband and dog. Beautiful paradise 15 mins from home


Turgut Aliev

a year ago

We went there for biking but they have place for tennis and hiking too. They have 3 options biking , green , blue and black. Green is medium , blue is harder than green and black is hardest. You ride bike between trees , over the roots , uphills and downhills, some regular ground some hard but you really enjoy there. Its fun and quiet place and more clean O2. I believe you will enjoy there


Nikhil Kumar

a year ago

Beautiful place, arriving exactly at sunrise, or sunset makes for an even better moment. There is a place for weddings, a huge trail, multiple soccer fields. And more. Of course you can fish on the lake, or kayak. A nice place for a date, or if you just want some time alone. There is a whole lot to explore!

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