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Parker Grey

in the last week

I LOVE Argon. Its my number 1 gay bar in CLT, however, the music tonight cannot be forgiven. The DJ turned off Whitney for BEASTY BOYS?!?!! I cannot let this go undocumented. Please tell DJ WhyteBread(yes his real name) to please please please update his song choices. Argon is one of the TOP gay bars of CLT.


David Aldridge

a month ago

North Carolina get with the times I mean was Stonewall all for nothing ,why I why can't I Cruze on a Sunday night in Charlotte or Greensboro it's 2022 not 1982,Western and central north Carolina have huge gay community,why the long faces .


benjamin jenkins

5 months ago

4th time here Great bar - music kinda sucks - not for solo people . Highly awkward on fridays . Again if. You come solo you will be a wallflower as music is kinda boring. I tried hard to enjoy this gay scene and regretted it every single time . Come with friends or its a waste of money. this is for the gay clique I wouldnt recommend


simply sweet

5 months ago

Great LGBTQ club actually took about 6 people with me and as promised they had a great time the tall bartender with the glasses awesome however the little skinny guy with the glasses and the attitude need to listen closely to the customer he completely screwed up our drinks and we ordered melon balls and got fooled...however the club was great and the parking was great and secure ...you can go party there and not worry ..


van Son

a year ago

Argon - went there Friday night and I really had a good time. This place is a chill local bar vibe kinda spot. They did not have any food being served or a food truck outside either. Not sure because of covid or that's just their thing.. Has a back patio as well. This place is big enough to hold events tho there were none the night I visited. The bartender guy with grey hair (ofcourse I forgot his name, sorry dude) is by far the sweetest, most patient guy ever. My drinks were super. Very friendly patrons as well. All in all a safe and happy space for a fun night. Rr - clean, well maintained and no, there aren't separate rr for men and women like at other establishments. I'm going to grab a sandwich before I go there next time.

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