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steve singer

a month ago

I had initially given Kate's a 2-star review. I am glad the management wrote back to me. So I rethought my review. I did not have a great experience at the front of the rink checking in and paying. On the other hand, it was Girl Scout night and they were quite inundated. I'm not sure I would be having a great night under those circumstances if I was working there. Once inside, my granddaughter had a good time. It was a little bit crazy. The employees we're a bit harried. I think that the insanity inside was the cause for my initial less than favorable review. But the big picture...The kids were having fun. I asked my granddaughter if she would ever want to go back... And I got an enthusiastic "YES". So I wrote this rating trying to look at it from her perspective. Solid 4 stars.


Valarie Gerrald

a week ago

Decent place to skate. This rink seems old and needs to be renovated but lets be honest, roller skating does not bring the crowds it once did (in the past). Low popularity of the activity in itself doesn't demand for a newly renovated facility. Still a decent rink though


Enrique Caballero

3 months ago

This place is a really great place to hang out with your friends! Especially if there's a girl you like and want to take her out on a date! There have been a lot of changes made to Kate's since I first started coming in at a young age and it was honestly for the best! It has a nicer atmosphere and more entertainment available for those who have trouble skating such as an arcade and the kid's playground area. The bathrooms are really gross though and sometimes are out of paper. If you're trying to come at a time where it isn't so busy, try a weekday. I would really recommend checking this place out if you ever wanted to try skating. This is a great place for kids!


maria fink

3 months ago

This place is so much fun. We recently celebrated two of my daughter's birthdays here with a glow party. The event was well set up, we had two hostesses who attended our every need and want. The price was wonderful and most importantly all of the children had a wonderful time. I highly recommend this place for your next birthday bash. It was stress free for me and the employees took care of everything including serving food and cake. I was able to sit back and enjoy the party. The place also has a new playground area that was amazing for the little ones who don't skate and an arcade for everyone. The adults had so much fun playing air hockey lol!!!


Godfrey Jones

2 months ago

The Skate Rink is awesome, the games and food are great, my only complaint is the music selection that was playing on the day I was there, it was all High school prom music, not fun party High energy Fun music. I would say that the DJ is ment to play crowd favorites to keep the skating and have fun Old school, new school, club bangers, hip hop, Rock, and Rave beats, not your favorite teen bop favorites from High school. Myself and others had to keep going up to the front desk with the DJ was located and request alternative music to play to get everybody back on the floor skating, it seems like every time the current DJ play with they wanted everybody got off the floor, but when we requested other types of music everybody got back on the floor and was having fun. I don't mean to drag this out or make it seem like a very large complaint, I just wanted to really tell how I feel.