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6 months ago

I always enjoy coming to Charlotte NC Spectrum Center. They have fast friendly helpful staff in a pretty clean facility. Many places to stay overnight, eat, and play are located conveniently within walking distance of each other. My favorite is Holiday Inn Center City but I'm sure other are fine. Pick an event and give it a try!


Eliza M

in the last week

Great venue with easy access to bus transportation. The line to enter moved quickly. I was allowed to bring in an empty plastic water bottle. Be advised that there are bathrooms with about 16 stalls and not just 4 stalls. Keep walking to find bigger and less crowded bathrooms. The Lumineers were amazing!


andrew lehr

a year ago

Went For the Hornets 4 Times (and TSO Twice) The 2 Latest Games I did the Broadcast


Evan Guthrie

a month ago

Spectrum Center in Charlotte is a great event venue for sports and entertainment and much more. I really like the location and atmosphere that they have created here. I have enjoyed all of the events that I have attended here. Great overall experience every time I have been here.


Jack Carter

5 months ago

This was was my first time attending a hornets game and I would gladly say my last. I believe they have lost the true concept of making a Fan for life instead of memorable moments thatll last a lifetime, my only memories from tonight will be the harassment from the security. I could definitely see favoritism with who they chose to enforce their rules with. So strongly I couldnt even take a photo with the person who purchased the tickets for me, but yet they allowed others to do whatever they wanted. Overall Ive gathered this is an experience for the rich and the famous. As long as your famous they dont care what you do or how long you stand or if you walk too slow. I have more to say but my voice wont be heard so its pointless. Hornets you could have done so much better to make a fan for life instead you lost another potential season ticket holder.

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