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Mr. Clinkscales

10 months ago

Great atmosphere! Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown but has a small town feel. Good hotdogs


Rhonda Evans

5 months ago

Nice lunch restaurant. Nothing better than a Fried bologna sandwich, onion rings and chili dog


Brayden VanMilligan

2 months ago

I dont know what the other people are talking about in these reviews. This place is terrible. The hot dogs are lukewarm straight from a bucket of water. Clearly boiled. Maybe you all like boiled hot dogs I certainly dont. Chili is 100% canned chili. I have eaten a lot of chili in my life and this was one of the worst. Fries are equivalent to frozen crinkle cut from the freezer section at Walmart. They sit under a heat lamp and have no salt on them. Its nice to have local options like this place, a real hole in the wall kinda place, but the food sucks. If you prefer high quality food do not go here. These people giving it 4-5 stars clearly value the nostalgia over the food.


Billy Costigan

3 weeks ago

Spent over $10 on chili cheese fries and a chili hot dog. The chili cheese fries had no cheese and maybe a half tablespoon of chili on them. I legit laughed when I saw them. The hot dog had very little chili, but was maybe 6 inches long. It cost me $4. Skip this place. Ive been waiting to get lunch here for 3 months, and I'm glad I waited so long.


Miguel Sanda

3 years ago

This is a must go if you are a local or happen to be in Charlotte. This place has been open for decades. Traditional southern comfort food with great hot dogs and burgers. The chili sauce is as good as it gets. Dont miss the onion rings! Theyre outstanding!

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