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Tracy Martin

a month ago

Ive been to this restaurant more than once. Its a great location, the food is pretty good (depending on the day) and its got a great ambience. Its also managed pretty well - the handful of times I had an issue with a meal, the staff extremely polite and customer service oriented. The issue at Tupelo are the hostesses at the door. I get that its a busy spot and I understand what it takes to keep all of that organized with walk-ins etc., but the manager should be aware that unless something has drastically changed since I was last there, the hostesses are incredibly rude to customers. I typically go on Sundays when its especially busy. Even with reservations, the wait can still be pretty long and the hostesses are very rude about it. Its impossible not to notice how unpleasant they are as you wait. The last time I visited was October 2021 because they really were terrible. I may return for the food and the rest of the staff, but what made me write this review is that I was considering making a reservation for an upcoming event, but I thought better of it because I want to have a great evening, and I think those hostesses might ruin my good time. Hostesses are the first people customers encounter. They should be far more pleasant and accommodating than they are at Tupelo. Even if theyre unable to make you feel welcome, they should at least dial back the attitude. No one wants to pay for the pleasure of being treated badly. They really put a damper on what could be a great establishment.


Latoya Thompson

2 months ago

I did NOT like my food. I originally got a regular mimosa that tasted like orange juice and they had to remake it. My waffles were cold, they came out with no syrup. When they finally bought the syrup my waffles were cold so they had to remake my waffles over. The mac n cheese was mediocre. The mgr was very nonchalant and I was disappointed with this experience. I had a higher expectation. I wont be returning.


Estari Adams

2 weeks ago

As a southern girl, the food was just ok. I would not go back. The chicken was cold and dry. Asked for hot chicken and received warm chicken that was still dry and under- seasoned. Food looked better than it tasted. Server was great. Restaurant so busy that they couldn't seat anyone that did not have reservations. So we sat at the bar.


lyn solomon-linville

2 weeks ago

I am from California and this place really impressed!! Everything we ate was so so good. My fried green tomato sandwich and my cousin's fried chicken, amazing. And the biscuits, mind boggling. The staff were perfect especially our server Sam who was the sweetest! I recommend everyone go here in Charlotte to eat.


Ryan Waldroop

in the last week

Home style Chicken from the Chicken and Waffles was good. Eggs were drastically overcooked. Shrimp and grits were amazing. Daughter wanted sides and biscuits. Most of the sides were sold out. Supply chain issues, fine, I get it. For the biscuits my daughter received one overcooked biscuit (almost hard tack) and one rock. She ate one but the second was inedible and hurt her teeth. You can get way better biscuits at Bojangles or Hardee's or even Cracker Barrel. Unfortunately you kind of have to judge a southern restaurant on its biscuits which is why I've deducted 2 stars for 2 terrible biscuits. Y'all need to run over to Bojangles and poach someone from there so you can learn how to bake a proper biscuit, or visit an old southern church and find some old granny and beg for her recipe. I can forgive overcooked eggs because they're hard to judge before serving, but your chef should be downright ashamed for sending biscuits out of the kitchen this hard.

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