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Mike Hartman

6 months ago

Pros: Like sporting events, going to a popular artist in Charlotte can be super affordable. World ticket prices seem pretty reasonable. Unlike most clubs, the air temperature was kept pretty good. I feel like this is especially important during these times. Cons: We got VIP tickets so that we could get away from big crowds. We did get to be in a different entry line that moved much faster. However, it was very unclear what else we got from the VIP ticket. We went upstairs to overlook the show, but non-VIP holders could go there as well. The event time was 10:00, but I guess this was the "doors open" time? I wish there was more info about the events, it is very tough for first timers.


Jasmine Roseborough

4 months ago

I've always enjoyed World.. but they have a cash only bar there now that the Promoters for a party I went to the other wkd did not mention. Would've been nice to have a Heads up on the cash bar


Stone Age Marble and Granite

a month ago

I purshase a VIP table to see Oscar de Leon whit my family, and we expect to have a very nice experience but it wasn't , we have to make a line for almost 40 minutes to get inside the club ,the tables are supposed to be only for 6 people but the other 3 tables have about 12 people per table,to many for a small area ,so when the concert begins, all this people get in from our table so VIP don't exist anymore, no securities around to put order ,or at least organize this mess ,but the worst part was at the end of the concert ,we cach one of the guests next to our table drinking our liquor, we decided to leave right away to avoid problems, the new management have no idea how to run a night club, we miss Robert , the first owner, ,probably we never go back to this place ,VIP means pay for privacy, we are not special or better than others ,we are just an educated an respectful family who wants to see a good show.



a month ago

Absolutely 0% customer service. I messaged them, left them a message with no response from their team about a show and bottle service. By far the worst club/event host possible Ive ever dealt with. Im from California and I know how to treat a paying customer when it comes time to reply to messages for big events or concerts. Step your game up asap


Jazzy Guide

9 months ago

Music was great. Drinks were great. The artists don't come out until the very end of the night so the club is empty til around 12 ish. The cover charge is too much for a 5 min performance and nowhere to sit unless you spend $300 to $1200 for VIP seating..... It's Charlotte not Las Vegas. There should be a few seats that are complimentary. Women usually wear heels so we like to sit when nobody is there and if your not with a group then the tables are overpriced for 2 people. We did have fun and wanted to go back the next night but my heels weren't going to allow me to stand for hours while we waited on people to arrive and the performer to arrive. Too bad because we did want to go back. It's a very nice club also. Just add a few places to sit for people who aren't in large groups.

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