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a week ago

Husband and I came out tonight for a date night. This was our first time here since moving to Charlotte 7 yrs ago from NY. The food was top notch. It was hot, cooked well and the server was knowledgeable about the alcoholic beverages. Great place.


Marquis Aurelius

in the last week

I wanted to be fair with the rating. The night we went, I was not feeling the vibe at all. It's one of the moments when you hear nothing but amazing "word of mouth" talk in regards to Sports One and you actually go there to see for yourself to be eventually disappointed. I was not amazed, I could have stayed at home to see the same redundant crowd from the neighborhood and surrounding areas. I must say they did have one of the livest DJ's I have ever witnessed, great music. Did not get a chance to enjoy the food, for that reason alone I will try to give it another try in the future. However, for now, my first experience was not a great one.


Jennifer Pitt

2 months ago

My husband planned a mother's day weekend getaway to Charlotte. With prom season and mother's day dinners, cheesecake Factory had a 3 hour wait time ago we decided to try this place. The music was so loud we could not talk to each other without speaking into each other's ear. Service was poor, or food came out an hour after ordering and my steak was burnt. I didn't send it back considering we had already waited as hour for our food. However, my husband enjoyed his dinner and drinks. We won't be returning.


Maya Marshall

2 weeks ago

Horrible experience. Absolutely no one was in the club. Yet they asked me to get up from a empty table because potential customers may come. Although I ordered a drink and was more then resdy to order more drinks and food. Is this how customers are treated? I was ready to brag about the environment. Until three different people came and told me my money didnt matter. I dont even need to mention Im a distant military veteran. Granted its the first of the month. Three more tables are empty. Customer service sucks. You all need a class in customer service. Are you all hired off looks? Because its definitely not experience and skills.


Dionne Fields

a month ago

Loved the atmosphere but the waitress Indy needs another profession I believe the job is too overwhelming for her. It seemed that we were getting on her nerves whenever we asked for a service. Customer service is not what it used to be. I feel like if you don't really like people you should be in a different industry. Sports Bar would have gotten a 5 Star from me if it weren't for Indy