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Carl Joseph Andrews

6 months ago

Fantastic dive music bar, love that they've been around so long to give budding musicians and bands a shot at booking a place to get their sound out there and be heard. Many changes have been made since I was last here in ~2017. The rear courtyard is much more functional and parking has greatly improved as well. No hesitation to return for future shows. 5 stars for the legacy and history this place holds.


Sierra W

4 months ago

Classic "dive bar" with a great drink selection and local as well as national touring bands. Shows are usually mixed genre and beware the lineup amounted doesn't always mean the order played (apparently this is a South thing?)


josh allen

a year ago

seen and played countless shows at this historic venue and have always had the time of my life. the staff always consists of the coolest ppl in the world and always have a positive attitude. ill be attending shows here until i bite the dust.


M K Gott

3 months ago

Cool bands come through, but the stage kinda sucks. There's barely any room inside. Everything is falling apart and/or kinda gross. The bartender is a good bartender though. It seems like he's the only one who works there, save the stand-offish lady at the door. Limited parking. It seems like it fits maybe 50 people in 20 cars. I'd still maybe go back, but I couldn't imagine a huge show there


gary frano

2 months ago

This was my first time there and it was awesome. Even with a small crowd I was still amazed by all the old history and nostalgia on the walls. The bartender was great and had tons of knowledge about the history. The bands were good and the sound acoustically was even better.

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