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Beth M

4 weeks ago

Stage needs to be elevated so people can actually see. Went there for the first time last night and I couldn't see the drummer and one of the guitarists at all, and I'm not short by any means. They actually had furniture on the patio, which was really nice for the smokers. Ordered a rum and coke (double) and a PBR and it was $31.50, plus $21.50 to park. The only way I will go back to this venue is if it's someone I just have to see. If you want to charge these kinds of prices, people need to be able to see the band.


Kenny Richie

7 months ago

Traveled very far too Patronize this location. Paid the parking, gas, temporary stay.... Just to be discriminated against. They want you to have a card or a (-) test which DOES NOT STATE ANYTHING IN PURCHASING THE TICKET. However, they have a sketch table on the side of the building, charging people $40 dollars FOR A TEST! Shame ON THIS LOCATION FOR RISKING PEOPLES HEALTH FOR A PUBLIC CONCERT AND TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!! APPAULLED AND TRULY SHOCKED AT WHAT SOME PLACES ARE COMING TO. our money spends the same and we totally traveled a distance This is pure discrimination. They are extorting people unfairly for money. It is a public space regardless, you cannot force people to take things that can change their body or try and extort them for money to make it "safe" Shame on the owners and Charlotte for accepting this. BEWARE OF THE EVIL . WE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE!!


tammy rouse

9 months ago

Attended Mayer Hawthorne concert 11/7. Great show! Can anyone tell me the DJ that played prior to the show? Loved his music as well.


Amanda Stewart

a year ago

Beautiful venue, first time here, but won't be the last. Everything looked fresh and clean. Thanks for having The Steel Woods!


Christal Lane

3 weeks ago

Great venue! Staff is friendly and helpful. Very clean. Can't wait to attend more concerts at The Underground!

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