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Holly Ayers

a month ago

This is a great music venue. It is set up very nicely. The bars of both pretty convenient. The stage is the perfect size. The vip lounge looks super comfy and next time i will probably just upgrade since that is the only where to actually sit down at in the venue.


Jeff Bean

a month ago

I'm giving it 4 stars, but most likely because the reason I wanted to give it 3 didn't really effect me. The spot is cool and open. Beer is priced somewhat decently, and they have a neat outdoor area. Do NOT buy the VIP tickets, or whatever. They tell you its elevated with couches and you'll have a great view of the show. As best I could tell, the VIP section is elevated much higher than the general admission, and if you're sitting in those couches, you're not seeing anything but the backs of people's heads and crowd surfers. I had thought about upgrading once I arrived, but when I saw what the section was like, I immediately changed my mind. Dont waste ya money, buy merch instead.


Joanna Tine

2 months ago

Great place to see big artists in a more intimate setting. Drink prices aren't surprisingly expensive, just what you'd expect at a venue. Merchandise is same price as any other concert. Parking always available somewhere around there, but get there a half hour early to get a good spot, both in parking and in the club. Wish they didn't let it get so crowded, but you know, they gotta sell tickets. Also wish they tended to the crazies, they just let them scream and shove and ruin the show sometimes. All in all though, I would go to see a show there again, but would get there super early to snag a railing spot, just so that I could hold on to something and not feel so claustrophobic and shoved. But you'll experience that in any concert with only standing admission, so it's a price to pay when you want to see an artist in a smaller setting (vs stadium).


Christopher Jones

3 weeks ago

The only thing I would say needs changed is the only way you can step outside is by going on a patio. That is also the smoking section, and it is not very big at all. Other than that it was a GREAT experience!


Nicholas Cage

2 months ago

Great venue, had a sort of retro feel to it. There's only standing room, and only one level apart from the VIP area, but as someone on the shorter side I was able to see quite well even near the back. Overall I really liked it.