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Jessica Stokes

3 weeks ago

Need to work on their handicap accommodations. Handicap parking is too far away from the venue , handicap seating is available albeit in a roped off section barely big enough for a wheelchair and cluttered up with folding metal chairs with absolutely no way to see the stage. Rarely do I ever review a business but being handicapped and this time having a cast on I felt i needed to say something. I can't complain about the sound or the band's because they're awesome. But I would like to see the venue put more than bare minimum effort into ADA accommodations. It would make the show enjoyable for everyone.


FTML Blues Rocker

a month ago

Decent venue. Sound and Lights are good but the VIP area is a joke. Don't waste your money on the upgrade.


Vanessa Pena

in the last week

Decent venue but the drinks are ridiculously expensive ($12 for an angry orchard??? This isn't a stadium!) and apparently the bartenders are "not allowed" to give you a cup of water, they will try to charge you for a bottle.


Anita Pettus

2 months ago

I think the stage is too low. I know it's suppose to have that underground feel but still. Otherwise its kept clean and the bathrooms are nice.


Jack Larkins

a week ago

Nice venue, its not big or fancy but it's clean, a decent size, and drinks are way cheaper than Fillmore.