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a month ago

Took my underage kids here for a rock concert and we had a great time. Seemed like a safe area. Parking garage across the street. Two bars inside the venue. Pretty much just standing room. Great sound and lights. Friendly staff. I'll definitely be back.


Tesia Pulido

a month ago

For a small venue, there was still room and air flow to ensure it didnt get too hot (in March, don't know how it would be in the summer). Staff wasnt over friendly but I also didnt expect them to be. Security was fast and good; I definitely felt safe while I was there. If you want to get drinks, I would recommend going to VBGBs next door - drinks at the Underground are very pricey. All in all, good experience! I would go back.


Chelsea Evans

in the last week

It was an absolute cluster trying to get into the venue. The show had a combo of VIP, Meet and Greet, Fast Pass, and GA. And it was seriously a constant effort to explain to people where they were supposed to be. This was not helped by some VIP people being told to will call, will call telling them to go to the venue, and then the venue making them go back to will call after the doors open. Then security took an unbelievably long time because the table where you set your belongings to be checked kept hitting the metal detector and setting it off and confusing people. Then in the middle of the show there was an issue with sound or tech or something and it took forever to fix. Not a bad venue in general otherwise. Although there was a huge smashed cockroach in the ladies bathroom . Bartender was nice and super fast.


Brittany -

a month ago

Awesome venue! One thing I loved is that they have designated areas for walkways, and security definitely tries to keep them open, even with a packed show. Pretty good alcohol selection, and I did see they had a few food options, at least that night


Kenny Richie

2 months ago

Traveled very far too Patronize this location. Paid the parking, gas, temporary stay.... Just to be discriminated against. They want you to have a card or a (-) test which DOES NOT STATE ANYTHING IN PURCHASING THE TICKET. However, they have a sketch table on the side of the building, charging people $40 dollars FOR A TEST! Shame ON THIS LOCATION FOR RISKING PEOPLES HEALTH FOR A PUBLIC CONCERT AND TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!! APPAULLED AND TRULY SHOCKED AT WHAT SOME PLACES ARE COMING TO. our money spends the same and we totally traveled a distance This is pure discrimination. They are extorting people unfairly for money. It is a public space regardless, you cannot force people to take things that can change their body or try and extort them for money to make it "safe" Shame on the owners and Charlotte for accepting this. BEWARE OF THE EVIL . WE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE!!

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