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Liz Briechle

a week ago

Very fun studio with exceptional instructors. The instructors are hands-on, and want to see you succeed. I can't say enough good things about them, especially Julia, who is wonderful, open, and kind. She knows her craft well and is a great teacher. I just started going here and I likely will continue to try it out, but I have to be honest about one thing that I think is a major issue for this gym: The reason this studio gets a 2 is the absolutely insane cancellation policy for drop-in classes. I have lived in many cities across the nation, and have gone to all types of gyms including aerial studios. This one requires 24(!!) HOURS notice of cancellation or you lose money and/or a class that you purchased. These are not cheap classes. It's absolutely bonkers. I understand the reasoning, which I'm sure is "we don't make money if you don't show up" or "you take a spot that someone else could've had", but that's a risk you take in this industry. These classes aren't even 1:1 - people share silks - and aren't always full. Even if you take the time to login to the portal in advance and cancel, you are automatically penalized, unless you email them and beg for your class back and they'll let you know they can "make an exception this one time". Hopefully as Charlotte grows and this place faces more competition from other studios with more reasonable policies that take into account our busy, unpredictable lives, they will revisit this unnecessarily strict policy.


Sloan Tuite

in the last week

Overall I liked it, but the lyra hoops were mean and gave us calluses


Krista Henard

10 months ago

Great atmosphere and very accommodating to different experience levels. I signed up for the Hammock Fundamentals just to stretch out some muscles and work on control as I normally just take spin classes. I was welcomed into the studio and was introduced to my instructor as soon almost immediately. When class started, I was shocked at how my instructor was able to walk me through each position and sequence at a level I could achieve all while pivoting to the more senior students and accommodating their level of experience. I felt challenged, yet the goals were attainable. I felt welcomed, yet I had never been before. Great studio and staff!


Stephanie Olivier

10 months ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've only had two classes but the warm inviting vibe is so inclusive. I am looking forward to more!


Bobby Padgett

9 months ago

They're so friendly and encouraging! They're super LGBTQ+ friendly, and were cool with my preferred name and pronouns! I love this place!!! Will be back!

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