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Chris East

3 months ago

I lived on this area for over 20 years and never took a hike. I've fished, swam, and took a boat out on the lake but ever took a hike. At my age, I was determined to make it to the hanging rock. My son and I hiked the trail and while it was a little strenuous and challenging at times, I was not disappointed!!!!! The view at the end is spectacular and well worth the trip. I should have done this 30 years ago. What a beautiful place in my own backyard. This is a national treasure and place to be cherished. The park team has done an amazing job on this park and it shows. Can't wait to take on the Moore's Wall trail.


Ashley Suarez

7 months ago

I wish I had more time to explore this park. The few trails that I hiked were breathtaking. From the top of the mountain showing what fall colors are all about, to the waterfall and rock structures along the way. You will never be bored. The best part is there truly are a variety of different level trails from beginner, intermediate to expert. So everyone can find a trail to suit their needs.


Justin Maslack

2 months ago

I had a great time hiking around this area. There are so many trails to choose from. My favorite is Moores Wall. It has the best views in the park. The observation tower is great and has signs showing what you are seeing. The main attraction, Hanging Rock, is definitely worth the short hike. Well kept trails and facilities. Will plan another trip soon to explore the waterfalls and other trails I did not hike.


Alexxa Perez

6 months ago

It was amazing we had an awesome time. We went to 3 water falls. That was awesome and we went up the mountain up to hanging rock. We met amazing people we took the drone up to view. If you go you will have an amazing time. We spent 4-5 hours there. Be careful and stay safe.


Larissa Kim

6 months ago

This place is breathtaking. But let me tell you ... Com prepared. My family and I hike every weekend. We have trekking poles, hiking shoes, and we carry our 2 year old in a hiking backpack. This was NO easy hike. You have to quite literally climb actually rocks to get to the top and go up 2000 ft in elevation. It is hard and we had to take a lot of breaks. It was well worth it for the views when we got to the top. The waterfalls are cute as well (not as large as ones you'd see in Asheville but beautiful nonetheless.) There is a visitor center with bathrooms and a water refill station. Highly recommend for serious hikers and people with appropriate hiking footwear and accessories!

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