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North Charlotte

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Justin Maslack

2 months ago

Very unique location with well kept trails. Hiking is relatively easy, depending on how much you do. The views are amazing, the photos show it all. Also, the park rangers are very friendly and went out of their way when I had a car issue.


Marie Brehm

2 months ago

Great hike. You need to be in great shape to attempt to do the loop trail. Had we realized the climb was as strenuous we would have completed it differently. The map needs to designate the length of the hikes better. Maybe a warning on the map about the climb from the lower parking lot as to degree of difficulty to the summit would help. The Homestead and falls were great. We want to return when the Rhododendron are blooming.


Deepak Patil

8 months ago

We did the Stone Mountain loop which is 4.3 miles. We started at upper parking lot and went counter clockwise. Climbing up was not a big deal. Not too steep to get to the top. Trail is well maintained and couple of views along the way. If you just want to get to the top and come back quickly then just head back the same way instead of doing full loop. Going to top from upper parking lot is about 1.4 miles if you go counter clockwise. Other side of the loop is about 2.9 miles with lots of steps but you get to see the waterfalls and side of the mountain which has some good views. Plenty of parking, restrooms and maps available.


Polariss Star

9 months ago

We did the loop trail, 4.3 miles. Strenuous for sure! Id say its definitely worth the views. There are many many steps, I seen a few children on this trail (I took my brother he is 5, on a 5 mile hike on brp & I will never do it again he was being carried & asleep by the end) and many many dogs. I personally wouldnt bring either on the whole loop trail just because it gets steep in many areas but if you want to go for it! *** if you plan on doing the waterfall(s) just know its just as strenuous as there are many flights of steps here. If your in good shape Im sure its a breeze for you but for those of us who arent (including myself) it was a workout for sure!! If youre able to do it though dont hesitate.


Nirav Pandya

5 months ago

Excellent group camping place with multiple hiking trails and waterfalls. View from the top is really good. Group camp sites are very well maintained with its own toilet, bathrooms, and parking lot. Each camp site has its own grill and benches. Perfect site to camp with kids.

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