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Keith Gardner

2 months ago

I don't think I've ever seen a more filthy pavilion in a city park. It appears that zero care has been given to this part of the park. One bright note, the playground was very nice and seemed somewhat new. Though I didn't go to the baseball field or the basketball court, they seemed well cared for as well.


C. Hare

3 months ago

The trash is out of control. Some days the people that live around the park stay away because people from another neighborhood take it over. Their kids hang out in big groups and harass the neighbors if they try to use the facilities. It used to have a nice free library too but a mentally ill homeless bum that took residence there kept destroying it so now there's a half broken one without a door. It's particularly bad on Sundays. Don't they have basketball courts in their own neighborhood parks or are they so dangerous that they only feel safe in this one instead? It might help to get rid of the picnic grill at least.


Jeffrey Yerkes

2 months ago

Nice little park the basketball court is never really busy.



9 months ago

Lovely area, lovely people!


Lynn K

11 months ago

Quiet and very peaceful place to visit old friends while watching the beautiful birds.

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