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The Quarry at Carrigan Farms



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Claire Hefner

6 months ago

I am so thankful for the alert lifeguards at the Quarry. I was taking my swim test with my boyfriend when I did it have enough energy to make it to the end. The lifeguard jumped in and saved me. Happy to be here and happy to wear a life-jacket. Thanks top notch aquatic staff!!!


Larry Laker

7 months ago

Swimmers BEWARE! Kelly and her top of the class lifeguard crew exhibit discrimination. Elderly gentleman went ahead of me for the swim test and went on his back during his treading water segment. He passed. I was waiting for the lifeguard at the dock to start the treading water test and waited and waited and I took a second on my back waiting. So yes, I misunderstood. But how about stopping the passive aggressive bullying that is going on with the lifeguards boss man? Kelly is a liar. She got caught lying about having 8 lifeguards ready to go in and save me. If that were the case, none of your lifeguards were guarding the swimmers in the quarry. So Kelly, stop defaming my character to cover up your passive aggressive abuse of power. Interesting to hear other people complaining about Kelly as we were leaving. . . .double standards are never a good thing. Considering this is a fifth generation operation why are there so few reviews??? Did y'all wipe the slate clean after the drowning accident to regenerate business? I consider it a Godsend we felt led to leave. . . .


James Cuesta

5 months ago

I have never experienced something so beautiful. My family had such a awsome experience jumping off the rocks into the crystal blue waters. I can't stop raving about this natural paradise in my town of Mooresville.


kim loftis

2 months ago

Very beautiful. Must see in person.


Jordan Byers

7 months ago

My boyfriend and I visited the Quarry recently and had an amazing time at open swim. The staff at the Quarry was very attentive and friendly. This really is a hidden treasure.