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Carrigan Farms is a 5th generation, family owned, farm. Carrigan Farms specializes in growing quality fruits and vegetables, educational school tours and field trips, weddings, swim parties, and other special events.

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Sidney Scott

3 weeks ago

The quarry was an absolute blast! We had a great time swimming & hanging out. A very fair price for an amazing time. The lifeguards were very helpful and friendly and the food voucher was a nice touch (yummy too). I'm just sad we discovered this place at the end of the summer season!


Jessica Stern

a month ago

We went there today for the first time not really knowing what to expect. We opted for the swim test and passed without any issues. The water is warm and deep. There is a tinge if green to the water but it wasnt too bad. A little disappointed that we couldnt see past a few feet in the water but there isnt much you can do about that in a natural environment. Food was great! A little inconvenient that they do not take card but it is all over the website and entrance so that you can be prepared. There are a lot of cliffs to jump off of at various heights and a rope swing. Overall, wonderful experience and so close to home. We will be back!


Allison Ackerman

a month ago

The entire experience was amazing from start to finish! It was our first time there and couldn't have been more pleased. I loved that there were many lifeguards around, so I felt safe letting my 2 boys go from jump to jump without me right by their side. Nice areas to set up chairs and just relax. The place was also clean, the food was amazing, one of the best burgers I have ever had! And all staff were extremely friendly. We will be back for sure!!


sue kern

a month ago

Great place we went with a group of 10 and had an awesome time. The quarry is so beautiful a must see. Everything was very clean. Everyone practiced safe distancing. The food was really good and very inexpensive. Lots of fun things to do there. Staff was extremely friendly. Will definitely be returning very soon.


Michael Lauzurique

2 months ago

A great spot for swimming, especially since the beaches are so far away. The size is larger than what the pictures show. Theres grassy areas to lounge on as well as sandy areas and a roofed structure to eat. The quarry is overall deep, your feet will not touch the ground but if you are afraid of the water there is a area that I shallow and slowy gets deeper. Dogs are allowed but not in the water. The lifeguards are great and ready to respond if need to. Th food is great. Good selection And fair pricing but we should bring cash if they dont except card. Honestly this is my new favorite hang out but...now for clear downsides of this business That I feel need to be addressed or at least let the public know before they come here for the first time. The pricing at $25 per Adult on the weekend is crazy in my opinion. I do have a process where you can reserve a ticket ahead of time and save five dollars and then the five dollars do you save will go towards a deposit that will eventually go towards your food but we can take it are very hard to come by in the reservations forcing you to pay the extra fee at the door. The steps have traction tape that is not fully on and if your not careful you will slip. Also not much has been done to the rocks of the quarry to adapt it to people using it as a body of water to swim in. The rocks that lead to the medal steps prior to the water are very slick and a major trip hazard. Their CASH or CHECKS ONLY policy is a major inconvenience. Im sure it works to the owners benefit especially for tax purposes but not for the customer. This location draws large crowds. While they do take temperatures at the door and give a disclaimer in regards to social distancing that is in no way shape or form implemented once youre inside. They simply have you sign a waiver to protect themselves of any liability prior to your entrance to the park. Overall a very nice little secret but the pricing , payment policy and crowds push it out of my comfort zone. Its a very unique experience because its not a lake and its not a beach. Its definitely something you want to show your friends come from out of town. I really do think at this is Jen but the issues I noticed must be addressed as I find them ridiculous.