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The Quarry at Carrigan Farms



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Carrigan Farms is a 5th generation, family owned, farm. Carrigan Farms specializes in growing quality fruits and vegetables, educational school tours and field trips, weddings, swim parties, and other special events.

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Ian Shaw

6 months ago

This place is so fun! First time here. Easy parking, plenty of space to set up towels and chairs. The food is done right and very tasty. The staff is very helpful and luge guards are great. Kids are safe and free to run around the entire place. Bring a float or something to lounge in the water. Ill be back for sure.



5 months ago

We had a great time. There was plenty of space in the water. The food is good. We were able to set up chairs and towels to chill after swimming and to eat. I would definitely go back. I paid 180 for 6 people. 30 of it is the booking of $5 and use that for food. When you get there you pay the price. So it was 150. The bathrooms are decent. Especially when tou 1st get there. Would i go again?? Yes!


Phillip Mullis

3 months ago

Great place and great fun. Food prices inside very reasonable. Food was DELICIOUS!!! Plenty of life guards, felt very safe. Plenty of sitting at tables under shade, some grass area for blankets. A must go for summer fun.


Joanna Szeto

6 months ago

What a fantastic day. The quarry is uniquely beautiful and the water, just right! We visited on a Thursday. There were a lot of people, but it is a huge space and did NOT feel crowded. Staff was friendly and we felt very safe. At the same time, we felt completely free to explore! Dont be afraid of the high jump. If I can do it, you can too!!


Trevor B

a month ago

The Quarry at Carrigan Farms is so beautiful and very calm to me. It's a beautiful place to take your friends and family and even around Halloween time. I haven't went swimming yet, but I am thinking I will do that eventually. The staff are so friendly and work very hard at there job. They even have weddings here which would be perfect with the view and calming vibes around the place. I definitely recommend for everyone to come here and see it for themselves because you won't find anything like this. I also recommend to do the haunt because it is super scary, but they are also friendly to anyone having a difficult time!!!

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