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Lazy 5 Ranch is a unique educational experience for people of all ages. Experience domestic and exotic animals from six continents including giraffe, zebra, buffalo, cattle, sheep and lots more. Visit to feed the animals!

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Saint Jimmy FTW

3 weeks ago

We had an absolute blast here! It's great for young kids and adults. The ostriches are kinda aggressive, so watch your fingers, and they say the zebras shouldn't be fed or pet but they didn't bother us (we followed the rules and you should too ). There were TONS of animals and plenty of each type were friendly enough to stop by for a snack. It can be a bit pricey (78 dollars for 2 adults and 3 kids but we also got 10 buckets of food) and they only accept cash so hit up the atm first. It took us about an hour and a half to two hours so make sure you give yourself ample time. The staff were all friendly that we interacted with and no one is hovering around you so you have some independence. I would recommend this place to any animal lover and especially children. We checked and we left with all the fingers we came in with so no worries there. We even had an autistic child and he had so much fun and had no problems with the animals. For reference our youngest child was 3 (it was his birthday) and he had no reason to be afraid (as long as you don't count the hungry ostriches... seriously those things are all neck and they will get in there and find your food). Some animals were in separate areas which were closed due to covid so we plan to return when they fully reopen. Lastly, we rode in a truck bed which helped us keep the mess isolated (there will be food in crevices, you have been warned) and allowed the children to get real close to the animals. Oh and my wife wants you to know they have a super chill cow there that she calls a Buddha cow and that was her favorite animal.


deepa singh

2 weeks ago

Good place to take children for a ride. Safe in Covid situation because you have to stay inside your car. $11 is the entrance fee person, dont know about kids charges. Have plenty of water and food with yourself because the que is very long during the weekend.


William Herrera

4 months ago

We had been hearing great things about this place for awhile and finally made the trip. Luckily we got there just as they opened and the line moved quick, if you arrive later expect a long wait in the car line. Not sure if its due to the current situation. The entrance fees are pretty reasonable and food buckets are $3. We thought 2 buckets were too much because they are loaded with feed but we actually could have used at least 1 more. Be aware some animals will take the bucket out of your hands. My kids are 14, q19, & 26 and they loved it, along with my wife, we all had a blast. Too bad at the moment its only drive through, as I know they normally have a lot more to do. They have an abundance of different species of American and exotic wild animals and you will have lots of beautiful pictures by the end. This is a great day trip for families and couples. You dont have to be a kid to enjoy it!


Erika Ramirez

2 weeks ago

First time for my children, we are visitors from Texas, amazing time, but they need to have cleaner restrooms. Will definitely go back and visit.


Ken Baker

in the last week

What a great family adventure! We loaded eight of us up into the van and spent two hours laughing and "oohing" and "aaahing" while we drove through and fed the animals. Get there before 11 am to avoid the afternoon crowds and definitely get a couple buckets of the feed (we got three and still ran out before the end ). I highly recommend this place