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Britt Elyse Nelson

5 months ago

This is the best shop you will find in Charlotte hands down. I mean it's owned by a pharmacist. The staffs professionalism and knowledge is second to none. They have an array of options and can give you detailed information about each item. You can tell everyone genuinely wants to help and loves what they do.


Emily Cox

3 months ago

Really impressed by the quality of their products and the knowledge of the staff! I stopped in, not really knowing what I was looking for, and Dylan was super nice and helpful! He helped me pick out some great products. I will definitely be a returning customer from now on!


Reginald Humphrey

4 months ago

I'm at a loss for words, I cannot describe this place accurately enough. The knowledge that they have of their product is amazing ( specifically at this location, I have not been to any other locations). I honestly believe that this company is ahead of its time. To make a long story short, I just want to say quality product and quality customer service... Period


Ryan Radosti

3 months ago

Had the pleasure of buying some legal fire from two incredibly intelligent bud tenders. Dylan and Eric were super helpful and answered close to 2,000 questions that I had brewing inside of me. The selection is on point, the legal hemp is loud, and the free smells are ideal. Thank you Blue Flowers for giving NC a good name in the terms of cannabinoid selection, and thank you again for hiring the informative individuals that so graciously helped me today. Like Schwarzenegger says.Ill be back.


Diana Burgess

2 months ago

I order online and have had a great experience with blue flowers . I usually get my order in 2 or 3 days but my most recent order has been sitting in the store for 6 business days and I don't understand why. Have you lost my order? A shipping label was created on the 12th of October and it's now the 20th. Thanks for responding so quickly. I really appreciate it. I went back to 5 stars because that's 5 star service. Thanks for the replacement because the usps says they never received it

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