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Tj Doane

6 months ago

I do like 7th street as it is a convenient place for lunch, but you will honestly pay a premium at some of the shops there. For the concept of having retail space on the ground floor of a parking deck next to the light rail is great sustainable land-use for activating the space... However, (and this can be said for a lot of places in Charlotte) the 5 pm closing times are a pain. Plus the fact they will randomly rent out the whole floor for a night randomly really throws me off from going there more. Still a great place to house some pretty cool shops.


Daisy10 A

11 months ago

definitely one of the best places in the area.


dylan krell

2 weeks ago

This place is located in a pretty good spot and has a small but vast array of shops. I went to "not just coffee" and the service was excellent and coffee was great! I'd say expect to spend 25-30min here


Jen Massabki

a month ago

This place kind of missed the mark for me a bit. I like when food halls have some type of vibe to them. I felt the decor and furniture just werent too up to date and didnt give a fun vibe to the place.


Denise Clouden

a week ago

Great time. Bought the most delicious cheese at Ormands, never disappoints. Had my first taste of Geno D's Pizza. Wow, it is so amazing, the only problem is deciding which pizza to choose!! Geno is a master, the crust is super. Do yourself a favor and visit the 7th Street Market.

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