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Blondie Monroe

a month ago

5 stars for Briana, she was great. My pedicure turned out so good!! She took her time and was gentle. Very pleased.


Shai M.

4 months ago

I have been supporting this business for a long time. The lack of service, communication, and urgency today will not make me return. I had an appointment scheduled. However, after 30 minutes of waiting and not receiving service or communication regarding the extenuating wait, I left without the receptionist trying to figure out the cause of the wait. The only solution offered was to reschedule due to a client probably adding on another service. If there are schedule changes, a call before or informing as I walked in would have been appreciated.


Kyra Hickman

3 months ago

I really struggled with writing this review but as I have not heard from the business, reviews are a good outlet to discuss my experience. My biggest disappointment is this place charges tax and there are no taxes on services in Meck County. I still left a cash tip for my service because there did not appear to be a manager or owner to discuss this. Unfortunately I check receipts often because lots of businesses behave in this misconduct. My service was a 1.5. I had Quay. She was late but apologized a couple of times, so I was willing to put that aside. She also was very chatty with her coworkers, often pausing my service to speak with them. She spent several minutes discussing booking a service with her coworker. Through her conversations I also found out some top earners were leaving the salon. She lazily did my gel manicure that of course is chipping, and I had to keep turning on the lamp when it would cut off. Very unimpressed and will not return.



6 months ago

I enjoyed my first visit here. The salon is beautiful. The measures to ensure safety are in place. I enjoyed being the only client of my technician and not having to wait. It is more expensive than what I've paid elsewhere, but elsewhere my nails weren't as nice, I had to wait, I felt rushed, and the atmosphere wasn't as pleasant. I appreciate quality and well pay for it accordingly. I will be back!


Brielle Mckenzie

3 months ago

Jocelyne is amazing. I travel all the way from steele creek to get my nails done. Shes creative, precise and very nice.

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