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University City

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Krissy Moore

3 weeks ago

Love Ikea, I purchased over $1500 of furniture and filled my home with all of my favorite pieces. I did have missing screws and called them, they sent all of the parts together which was helpful, I didn't have to drive back to the store.. I lived over 5 hours from this store and usually frequent it when driving to my appointments with my surgeon. Food is great prices. Always a nice environment to relax and stretch my legs after driving. Furniture and accessories are priced right! Conveniently located right off the highway! Will return again! Would recommend ..


Ryan Williams

a month ago

Great place to visit. I love all IKEA stores and this one is similar to normal stores. Lots of things to see and do and lots of quality furniture and products. Love walking through the Marketplace and picking out things. And their food is great, even though it seems weird. Only $2 for two good quality hot dogs and a refillable drink! I love this place.


Joshua Senic

in the last week

Friendly staff. Affordable furniture options. Good quality stuff. Good food at the cafeteria. The cafeteria tables are dirty a lot of the time though. Since I have small kids, I use baby wipes to clean off the tables when we eat there.


Paula Dannels

4 weeks ago

Wear comfortable shoes! Clear everything out of the car you don't need because you are going to fill 'er up!!! Furniture and kitchen gadgets are always a great buy. The chocolate bars are out of this world!!!! I love to play in the demo apartments and kitchens. It's filled with neat stuff. It's fun. It's exhausting!!!!


Michael Brooks

a month ago

Always a good visit. Plenty of stock and IKEA associate available to answer questions. New exhibits and a interesting rotation of new products. This store usually has less clearance and returned items for bargain shoppers. Everything else is pretty standard and consistent to other store locations. This store is markedly easier to access than the Atlanta location. So, if thinking of on of these two, and have nothing else drawing you toward Atlanta, go with the Charlotte location.