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in the last week

This shopping complex is probably the only thing I really miss from living closer to Uptown Charlotte. We moved out to Harrisburg and there's really nothing shopping wise or retail wise around. I love that the greenway is closed so I could go out and do some jogging there's places to live there. They are great places to dine and fast food. It's one of those places I would consider moving when my kids grow up.


Tyler Carter

a week ago

A lot of great stores and restaurants. I mostly come here for the Target and Trader Joe's, but there's also a Marshalls, Best Buy, and so on. This is also a great place to look for food. Vivace is one of my favorite restaurants, but there are other good options as well. There's a great view of the city, and one of the greenways starts/ends there. I think my only complaint is parking. It takes a little while to get in and out of the parking deck and I usually end up on the third floor, which takes a while with the traffic. Overall, great place.


de Vivre Jones

3 months ago

Trader Joe's is our 4th home. The Target has the best selection of black hair care products for natural hair. There are awesome paths and trails for bikes and walkers. Pisces is well loved!!! There some grassy areas for families, packing a basket of food, and preferably responsible pet owners. This was well constructed to achieve a metropolitan feel integrating nature for balance


steve singer

a month ago

I thought I had already reviewed place. I like most of the shops. However, as a moss / Shopping Center it's an odd duck. It is kind of sort of an outdoor shopping center. However, the way it is shaped the only thing it's missing for it to be an indoor Center is a roof. It is freezing cold there in the winter and can be miserably hot in the summer. Studio Movie Grill is always a fun place. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the food. However, the seats are comfy. If you do want something to eat they bring the food to your seat. And at the time of this review you can get a Groupon for $5 for admission.


JL Henderson

a month ago

If you have the ability to run your auto through a obstacle course, literally, you can work/live at the Metro. 2nd worst parking in Charlotte. They are unfair on how they treat employees that work in any of the buildings at Metro. If you are privileged you can park on 2 to avoid the course, but only if security likes your car and you. Otherwise they like to stick orange tags on your auto. All of the food venues are very expense for the quality and constant turnover. Stay away Employers your employees will not have a good attitude after they park in the morning or go out for lunch. Just an FYI