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Tajiya O.

a week ago

An awesome, all in one shopping experience, paired with great restaurant choices. Thanks to the compact design of the Metropolitan shoppes, Trader Joe's, Marshall, Staples, Best Buy and Target are all a hop and a skip of each other. They also offer some nice specialty and gift shops in the vicinity. My favorite eats would be Zoe's, due to their health aware menu. It's so awesome to have all these stops at a central location.


Xaq Fixx

2 months ago

Parking can be a bit of a madhouse on the first two floors closer to the Trader Joe's or Best Buy but parking near the Marshall's or Staples is usually easy. Spots are a bit small for larger vehicles. There are a bunch of great places to eat and shop. Easy highest access and proximity to some of Charlotte's best neighborhoods along with the nearby Target department store and ABC store make this a great shopping destination.


marsha ivey

2 months ago

This place has more great stores than any other place I've seen. Just wish I didn't have to walk in the cold. Buts its such a great place. More stores than I can count and great deals


David Johnson

a month ago

This place is a joke. You can't have a decent shopping experience because at every corner it seems like someone is watching your every move like you are stealing. I will never go back to this place. I will also never again visit a Best Buy. At this location I was stopped by police and detained because they were accusing me off shoplifting. This was because the man in the restroom in the stall next to me was trying to steal electronics and chose not to. He left the item in the floor and security came in and found it. They assumed it was me because I was the only person left in the restroom. I was highly offended because they had no proof I did anything which I didn't. I have contacted my attorney about the matter. Unless you want to be treated like a criminal you better stay away.


Sheila Guiles

a month ago

Love Traders Joe's, I have a handicap plaque, so I get good parking most of the time. When I am in Charlotte I always visit here. Love the Traders Joe coffee.